Friday, November 21, 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

So I have been working with Amanda Star Photography for a while now ( if your in FL check her out she's AMAZING ) ... Anyway the last time we worked together she told me about and let me try her Younique fiber lashes. Now most of you know by now for me, lashes are EVERYTHING.... I just wasn't blessed with a lot of them, o well that's why they make falsies right?!?! As much as I love my MAC # 7's and I do LOVE them, I get really tired of the after effects. I feel like I'm picking off glue for days... WOW, I'm getting way off topic! Ok... So the younique lashes, well why don't I just show you! This is one eye with them and one without...
You use your regular mascara and then you add the gel after that you apply the fibers and then you seal it with the gel. You can continue to do this until you reach your desired look. It honestly sounds more complicated then it is, it's very quick. What I love about it is it's not at all sticky! I have tried other brands that claim to do this sort of thing and I can hardly open up my eyes they are so sticky. Honestly, these give you the look of false lashes and no messy glue for days.
I only have a few complaints...  I have a bit of fiber fallout on my cheeks after applying. For me this is a very small price to pay. The other is if you are applying to heavy handed they can clump up on you. Honestly though what mascara doesn't?!?! I do love the packaging!

I paid $29.00 for these and I'm defiantly going to get my moneys   
worth, for the simple fact that I can cut back on my false lash buying tendencies.

This is where I ordered mine from 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MAC a novel romance collection

I know I'm late to the party for this one, but I figured I'd share my thoughts and maybe someone will be web surfing for some of these swatches...
I picked up a little bit of this collection, here is my take on them....
MAC An Amorous Adventure Eyeshadow Quad

Can I just say AMAZING!!! LOVE IT!
Two of the four shades are part of the permanent range, and one is a repromote.
Sable is a medium brown with orange undertones and a frosty finish. It had incredible color payoff, and the texture was so buttery smooth.
Sex & the Oyster is a seafoam green with a frosty finish. This is the repromote. I cant say enough about this color I love it! I put it on and instantly I feel pretty. It has a thinner texture so the color payoff was semi-opaque. It was however, very buildable on the lid.
Brawn is a medium/dark taupe color with warm undertones and a sheen to it. It had amazing pigmentation, and the texture was like butta very easy to blend.
Black Tied is a black with silver sparkles over a matte finish. I have this color in my 15 pan palette from the permanent range already, but the formula of this one seems better. It was ridiculously  pigmented and very silky smooth.
Fluidline Eye Pencil

Black Brilliance is a dark black liner. It was so creamy, it makes tight lining a breeze. My new favorite black liner, well for today anyway!
Evil Twin it's a bluish purple liner. It is so very pretty and I love how silky these liners are.
Electric Cool Eye Shadows

I bought three of these. I wanted to see how the texture was, and if I would even like them. I am glad I only bought the three because they are not my favorite. The colors are so rich and so pigmented I wanted to love these I really did! They just did not wear well on me. Even when using the paint pot they still creased like crazy.
Highly Charged is a beautiful deep frosty purple color, really they pigmentation is like no other.
Switch to Blue is a beautiful jeweled cobalt blue, just a very rich amazing color.
Coil is a beautiful copper color out of the three that I bought this one wore the best on me.
      now for the lippies!!!

Lingering Kiss is a deep reddish burgundy with a shine. It didn't seem matte to me, and the consistency made it hard to get a perfectly even color.

Hearts Aflame is a medium red with brown undertones and a satin sheen finish. It had beautiful pigmentation. I really love this color.
The mascara that they choose for this collection is the haute & naughty too black lash this is my personal favorite MAC mascara. It makes my lashes so full and plump, and that is no easy job when you have itty bitty baby lashes like me. It's always nice having an alternative to wearing falsies all the time.

So what do you think? Did you pick up any items from this collection? Leave me some feedback.

Monday, November 10, 2014


         Hello loves!!! This weather is AMAZING!!!! Fall is most defiantly my favorite time of year... My next few posts are some very exciting products. First up is EYELIFT IN A TUBE, it's incredible guys!!! Seriously! I didn't even know that I needed this or had under eye circles for that matter. 

Seriously!!!! Can you see the difference?

Bye Bye Undereye!!!

I can't get over it I just love it so much! If this is any indication of what the it cosmetics brand is about, I'm all in!

So have you ever tried anything from this brand? What else am I missing out on?
 You can pick up this magic wand at Ulta and the price is $29.00, really not a bad price when it gives you the look of a years worth of good sleep!

Have a good week loves!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

Happy Sunday lovies!!! Hope everyone had a good week... I have to share with you this new palette that is so amazingly versatile, it is a everyday go to for sure. The UD naked basics 2, I like it so much more then the first one.

 I find myself reaching for this daily.

Skimp is a pale nude color, it’s sort of a light, peachy/beige and it has a satin finish.  This color was released before in the Feminine palette.  I like the color payoff, and the texture was very blendable. This is the only color in the group that isn't a matte finish.

Stark is a nudish pink. It has a matte finish and soft, warm undertones.

Frisk is a warm gray matte. It has warm undertones and a matte finish. The pigmentation was there, but I had to build it to the level of darkness I wanted it wasn't just an easy sweep.

Cover is a medium/dark, warm taupe brown with a matte finish. I love this shade. It has really good pigmentation, very buttery and blendable.

Primal is a medium/dark brown with very soft, warm undertones and as with most of these it has a matte finish.

Undone is a dark brown with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. I used this color mostly for a smudgy eyeliner with the naked basics brush (which I love).

This is more of a warmer toned palette then the first one so it makes sense that I would like it more for me. Another great thing about it is you could use some of these shades to fill in your brows! This palette will run you $29.00 and the brush is $20.00. I also love that it's a smaller palette easy to just drop in your travel bag and be on your way. I used it a lot on our cruise. (I will be posting about that soon)...

Have any of you ever tried this palette? What are your thoughts?


Friday, October 17, 2014

Update on my life style change

Hello loves! I wanted to give you an update on my get fit journey.... It's going really well. I am still clean eating 98% of the time. I day 98% because in the last week we have had birthday party's for both my sister and daughter and I had a slice of cake both times. I think a slice is better then going back for more and more though so win there! I also allow myself one - two cheat meals a week. Notice I said cheat meal not cheat day. It may not be the best idea, but it works for me so far and that's what this is about. These are my month results from clean eating and working out at home.

I could really kick  myself now for not taking before measurements. I really thought I would be able to rely on the scale, however there is only a one pound difference in those two photos! CRAZY RIGHT?!?! I really have to get the idea out of my head to keep jumping on the scale and measure how my clothes are fitting. That is such a foreign concept to me though because I have been a scale whore for way to long! I will take some measurements for this next month. I have slacked a little with the working out and this will be a no excuse zone, so I will just say that I can and WILL do better this month. I had planned on working out 5-6 days a week going into this and this past week I have only worked out about three days. The other weeks have been going good, this past week not so much. When I workout I have been doing 10-15 minutes on the elliptical and followed that up with anywhere between 30-60 minutes of kettle bell lifting exercises.  I have also been squatting... ALOT!
If you don't mind, share with me your fitness journeys... What are some healthy recipes that I can try?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Teeze w/eez

I had to tell you about one of the most magical things that I have EVER purchased!

It's simply called teeze w/eez.

You know by now that I'm all about the big hair. When I first saw this at the beauty supply shop I was skeptical, but I'm so glad I gave it a try! Their motto is it's not a comb it's a magic wand (and believe me, it so is)!

Just look at the teeth on this thing, it brings mega volume!

They sell this beaut on for $14.99 
It's a must if you love the big hair! It has made my styling so much easier and really cut down on my tease time!

Do you tease your hair? Do you like the look of big hair? What are some tricks you have picked up throughout the years?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nars Dolce Vita Blush

Hello Gorgeous!!!
I had to share with you my favorite Fall blush.... I don't think I have ever loved a blush this much! It's NARS Dolce Vita, hello Fall!!!! This color is simply AMAZING!!! 

I bought it at Sephora for $29.00, and I am totally in awe of it! It lasts all day long, it doesn't leave any streaks after a few hours like some blushes that I have tried! The pigmentation is incredible, I just can't say enough about it! I seriously do not know how this one doesn't make it into any of their value sets or holiday palettes...

It's a berry red color and it's very very buildable. I can just do a very light layer and it looks great, but with a few more swipes I can have some high drama... Even in it's more intense color the finish is so amazing that it's virtually impossible to mess up with this shade it's sort of matte without that dry look!

This defiantly gets an A+

What is your favorite blush color? Is this color something you would try?