Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy hump day everyone!!!! 

It's officially the middle of the week, yay two more days until the weekend!!!! This weekend my first baby turns nine... Seriously, where has the time gone!!! It's also mothers day so I figured I would share my thoughts on the ABH glow kit that I have in gleam. 

Here's my quick video on it...

As you can see it's a very nice little kit especially if you want to add a little glow to your face. With the exception of Mimosa I really like it. 
There are a lot of times that I opt not to use a shimmery highlight, especially since I way overdid it in the early 2000's.

Thank goodness makeup and myself have both come a looonnnnggggg way since then...

I looked at both of these kits and while they were both equally amazing, I really felt that gleam worked better with my skin tone.

I got mine at Sephora for $40.00.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite highlight palette?

See you soon loves 

My new primer & facial serium

Ok loves, I made my very own makeup primer / facial serum and I'm never going back....

Crazy right, I mean I only have like 30 primers in my collection! Everything from YSL to hard candy, yet never have I ever found one with the benefits of the one I made with my young living essential oils.
My makeup stays on and smooth the WHOLE day.....
It smells AMAZING!
My skin is the very best it has EVER been.
I'm turning 30 this year so I made this with the intention of rewinding the clock and so far I'm loving my results!
I use it as a primer or before bed as a serum (sometimes)

Here's a little video I did...

If you can't tell I'm trying to get back into making videos for you...
If you want some information on oils you can find it here
or if you go to young my member # is 2573746

In this primer I used jojoba oil as my carrier and I added a little vitamin e oil. The yleo's I used in this mix were frankincense, purification, lavender, copabia, geranium, cypress, lemon, bergamot  & patchouli. Alot of these oils come in your premium starter kit.

I've been oiling for about 14 months and seriously guys, you know me I can't even commit to a makeup brand but somehow I can't get enough of these oils.
I just couldn't keep this to myself any longer I figured I'd share the love with my fellow shin care/makeup junkies!!

Email or Facebook me if you have any questions.
Subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss any of the fun..


Pur Minerals Eye Polish

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey loves.... I did a little video review for you!!! Its been a while since i've been in front of the camera so I figured it was time I would get back at it!!!

I bought this Pur Minerals eye polish in the color silk at ulta for $26.00.
I really love the color, it is the perfect copper color. I explain all of this in the video but in case you would rather read, even though it says it's base and top coat I still wear mine with a primer. If not I find that it creases after just a few hours.
Anyway it's good to be back, watch till the end so you can see what i'm doing with my eyelashes... You will not want to miss it... If you have any questions send me a message on Facebook or an email!!!

Love you guys

Happy New Year, where have you been?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hello lovelys!!!

So so much has happened since we last spoke.... 
Let's see we moved, that's big and has taken up so much time!
We're finally all almost settles in our house, I love it! It's just a rental but it's super cute and my living room is my happy place. 

I've learned a lot about myself through this move, I'm actually really good at refinishing furniture, you will see in some of my pics.
I have also learned that for me anyway it is almost impossible to eat clean while in the middle of a move... Getting back on track with that and my blog starting now, or by the time you read this it will have been about a week ago that I started!
Also I have learned why they call oils essential, I mean seriously they are essential for my daily life now.
As we speak I have thieves, Christmas Spirit & treasure of the season going in my new dewdrop diffuser.... yummy!
I also just laid the baby down and I have lavender, peace and calming & surrender in her room going. Fingers crossed for a long nap :).....
I use young living and they have been a game changer for the whole family.

I have so much new makeup to blog about, I have so many new oils to talk about. I have some hair products to review, I have some chalk painting tips to share.. This is going to be fun so if your still  out there reading sit back and relax and enjoy the blog.

I'm thinking about starting a periscope, who uses it?


My oily journey

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey everyone how's it going? Baseball season has started so life with my baseball boy is crazy! Add that in with wedding season and the girls being well... GIRLS! I'm one crazy busy mama as of late.... I have a friend that introduced me to young living essential oils a few months ago and to be honest I thought she was all talk. To say I am skeptical would be the understatement of the century! I am so glad I gave them a try, defiantly one of the best decisions I have made lately.

My son, pride and joy, first born angel has massive allergies! I mean the kind that require a nebulizer at least twice a year, because to be honest here in Florida we only have two seasons! (hot and hotter)

I ordered the young living essential oils premium starter kit, and of coarse the first thing I made was the allergy trio cream!!!! (insert halleluiah chorus) AMAZING! We would be knee deep in mucus and nebulizer treatments by now. The three oils for the allergy trio come in the starter kit along with 8 others and a $117.00 diffuser. You can score this amazing kit for $160.00. Retail value is about $340.00!!! I will post the link below.


 I know it sounds to good to be true BELIEVE ME! I question EVERYTHING! I have to say though, the hype is real! I use these oils daily, they have been life changing!

If you are ready to start your oily journey or you just have more questions I would love to help!


Poshmark Review

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey loves, hope everyone's having a great week... I wanted to do a review of my first ever poshmark experience. I think I had the app on my phone a while ago and then deleted it. I never really looked into it and didn't know anything about it. What made me initially try it?!?! I was searching ebay for some stella & dot merchandise at rock bottom prices and I came across the Amelia pendant.

The Amelia pendant is amazingly beautiful and it is also retired..... Yep, RETIRED! Can't buy it anywhere except a resale site. After learning this the hunt was on, I googled Amelia pendant and found one on Poshmark. Get this, it was cheaper then the current bid on ebay! On Poshmark you list items that you want to sell new or old. You set the price and they can make you an offer if they don't want to pay the price listed. You then have 24 hours to respond and let them know whether you except or decline said offer. It's really neat, the girl I purchased from was super sweet. She even sent a little note with my pendant. I really like this site and will definitely be shopping here again. I've done some research on these type sites, it's pretty addicting. I also really like mercari.

So what do you think? Have you ever shopped at these type of sites before?


Kat Von D shade and light contour kit

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ok can I just say I fluffy heart love this! Really, really love this! Watch out for my post "how many contour palettes does one person need" coming soon... 

The truth is I feel like I need them all, like I'm doing myself a disservice if I don't at least try them. It's a sickness really. Anyway when I heard Kat Von D was coming out with one for spring and I watched her video on Sephora I knew it wouldn't be long until it was mine, my own, my precious! It just so happens that she launched a brush along with the palette so I had to grab that too!

This is a game changer guys, these colors are incredible! It comes with 6 colors 3 highlights and 3 contours. 

The highlights are

Lucid Is a bright beige with yellow undertones and it has a matte finish. The texture is amazing very silky. It was very buildable which I find to be a great attribute when working with these lighter colors.

Lyric Is a yellow beige color with warm undertones and a mix between a satin/matte finish. It was incredibly pigmented.

Levitation Is a yellow peach color with warm undertones. It has a satin finish and amazing color payoff that is very easy to blend. All of these are super smooth!

The contours are

Sombre Is a medium taupe brown. It has warmer undertones and a mix between a satin/matte finish. The smooth texture makes it easy to work with even for a beginner.

Shadowplay Is a medium brown with warm undertones. It has a satin finish. It has good color payoff, it's the color I reach for most in the palette. It is super soft, and very blendable .

Subconscious Is a dark brown with warm undertones. It has a satin finish. Just like the others its pigmentation was amazing! These colors are so blendable, I love their soft, silky texture!

Here the link to it on amazon   #affil

Now on to the brush, you know how I feel about brushes! I know I say this alot, but you NEED this brush.

One side is angled and the other is a small version of a ball brush with a rounded tip. I personally love the angled brushes for contouring, I find them much easier to work with. The ball tip side of this brush is perfect, it's just the right size. I love the precision I can achieve with this brush. I should have known she would be on point with her tools. She is a sketch artist, so she has to be precise.
I love both of these so much, out of all of my contour palettes this one is by far my favorite (for now)....

you can grab your brush here on amazon    #affil

Here's a little vintage look I did while using it for contour!

So what do you think? What is your favorite contour palette?


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