Negative Self Talk

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I know you've heard this before if you have ever listened to a self love podcast or even read a self help book... STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK... Why do we talk about or to ourselves in a way that we wouldn't even think about talking to others...

Our words become our thoughts, our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our actions..... We've all heard it, tale as old as time right? #realtalk As many times as I've heard it though, it's almost like I don't know how to stop...
I know your probably thinking hello!!! You are supposed to be telling us how to stop this, not that you do it too... Yes, that's true but for the sake of transparency I'm going to tell you, EVERYONE struggles with this! The best thing we can do it take it day by day. We need to retrain our brains. It can be done, I know it can be done!! I know that while I still struggle I have come a looonnngggg way!

Guys do you realize, if we can master this, I mean how much easier would it be to lift others up if we already felt worthy.... And you are worthy, you truly are! I look at my daughter, she's five and genuinely believes she can do anything; and she can! The thing is, the negative self doubt hasn't hit her yet... I pray it never does, I pray I can teach her through example to love herself, to teach her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Even now as I write this in the back of my head I'm like will anyone ever even want to read this, WHY? The truth is, even if nobody ever reads this blog again, it's therapeutic! It helps me and you know what? I have value to add to this little corner of the web, I'm worthy! You are worthy too, the only one holding you or me back from our dreams is ourselves. I for one find it super easy to get stuck in my comfort zone. Case in point, this blog... I stopped blogging for almost two years, why? Simply put, I knew I needed to go in a different direction but I wasn't comfortable sharing my heart with you guys for fear of rejection or failure...

So what are some things we can do? Well for me anyway I have to read, self help books, leadership books, girl boss books, whatever it may be I HAVE to read. What else? Positive affirmations, I know that sounds crazy but remember....
Our words become our thoughts, our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our actions.....
I like to roll on some Valor Essential Oil  (because that's my fave) and say things like...

I am worthy
I am unique
I have a lot to offer
I am a great mother
I am an amazing wife
I am an amazing  I do ok at keeping the house clean!
I can succeed
I will succeed
I will leave my comfort zone behind
I am loved
I am a truth seeker

My affirmations may look different then yours but you need to make some. Start your day with them, end your night with them. Another thing I do to get in a good head space is pray and read my Bible, I also have a prayer journal. That my friends can fix a whole lot of our problems....

That's all I have for you guys today. I'm stepping down off my soap box now I just felt like this was something I should share... Let me know if any of this helped or what you guys do to help with the negative self talk!!!


March Favorites

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Oh wow guys!! This year is 1/4 of the way done... Seriously!!! Seriously!!! March has been a blast I had an oil retreat which was amazing!!! Incredible I went to destin beach!!! AHHH anyway here we go on to the favs of March!!!

First up this jean jacket from old navy! To me it just screams beach in spring so here we are!! you can grab yours here

Next up this facial scrub from young living, listen guys I know I sell young living but I'd seriously use it even if I didn't!! This is called the satin mint facial scrub and it is incredible!!! If you want to try some of this goodness let me know,  I got the hookup!

Ok so speaking of old navy I got these tie front shirts and I know it's black and not very springish but black is my color summer, fall, winter or spring so #dealwithit  I didn't take a picture with me in it so this pic is straight from the old navy site and then one with how I'd style it paired with my super cutie tenneys from Maurices and my Kendra Scott goodness and of course AE because they have the best jeans!! You can grab it here! Bonus it's on sale right now!!

Next up, ok so you know I love oils and so the idea of a rollerball necklace was super exciting for me!! I found this girl on insta her name on there is rutilated rounds, her story is amazing and all of the jewelry that she sells is helping her fund her ivf! She's super sweet and this is her etsy  give her a follow. The craftsmanship is unreal! Also you can totes make the chain longer I made it short for picture sake!!!

Lastly for my #ketofam I thought I'd share my favorite #keto chocolate. I love the lilly's milk chocolate salted almond!!! It's so very yummy!! I get mine at publix grocery store but I have seen them at the health food store and a few other grocery stores too!!

That's a wrap on March loves!!! Let me know what were some of your favorite things in March???


Leadership in MLM's, Network marketing, or any other home based business!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ohhh today will be fun, we are going to do a little chat about network marketing... I know, I know,if you've never done one; or more importantly you've never done the right one you think they are the worst idea ever right?

I mean scam or pyramid scheme right?!?! Nope, would you be surprised to know that I've been in one of those mlm's for over three years now? Guess what it's not? a scam! Guess what it is? work!

I really believe that's why people think they are schemes, usually their friends friend got in at the "right time" and then in 6 months they were bringing in 10k per month and now they vacation all they time and buy all the things... They make it seem so easy right? So when you jump in with both feet and two weeks pass and you aren't any richer yet you're like wth....! This is crap and probably a scam too, I should jump over here to what my best friends sister is doing she's on "the ground floor" ill have better luck there... I like to call these people serial mlmers, don't be them, seriously... You have to work for these things to work!

Oh wow I got seriously off track, whoops are you still there? Anyway we can discuss mlm's later we were supposed to be talking leadership....

Ok, let's talk about leadership...! If you have sold even one kit you are a leader. If you've sold one wrap, one mascara, one bracelet, one weight loss pill, one pan,  ready or not you are a leader. You are building your team.
You friend, you have something to offer your team. There is only one of you and finding your voice is so very important... These people chose to sign up with you, to buy from you.. 
So what is leadership? It's an action right? The action of leading a group or individual... Is it hard? Yes!!! Is it worth it? YES! Will you have to work? Yes! 

We are going to face all kinds of trials and conflicts but it's how we handle them that sets us apart as leaders... I came across this quote a while ago and its actually my screen saver

"Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." 

Let that sink in.... I am negative by nature, it's easier right? It's easier to complain then to fix, but that's not what leaders do. Not only that but when I'm negative it hurts me, it hurts my business, it hurts my health.... It lowers my frequency level by 10.... I don't have time for that guys and neither do you... 
What if we choose to take action and be positive How much different would our lives look? How much different would our business look? How much different would our relationships look? 

Be a leader, chose to work today, chose to grow your business  and make a difference in your life. You are the only one that can make you do it!


February Favs!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

So here we are ending out the second month of the year... I mean I know February is a short month to begin with but I think it really flew by... I thought I'd share a few things I'm loving this month...

First up... These freaking amazing shoes from nordstrom you an get them here   and p.s. they are still on sale even more of a sale then when I got them! These are so freakin cute and as you can see from the pictures below on kingdom of sequins (if you don't follow her on ig you should) You can pair these with both shorts or jeans!!!

Next is Frankincense essential oil from young living. Remember the depression post? Well lets just say I'm doing a little experiment with this oil and raising my frequencies while I'm at it!!!!

Next up, these little twinkle razors. Listen I know I am a little late to the game on this one but these little things are incredible and I am sad I didn't try them sooner...

Next up obviously Rae Dunn had to make the list so here I am with my sweet heart mug because hey, it's Feb!!

Last thing (because I wanted to add something keto) these low carb tortillas. I have been loving these lately guys! I get them a little crispy and make a turkey melt or a cheese quesadilla or a quesadilla burger even! It defiantly hits the spot!

Ok loves, thats all I have for you for this month!! Can't believe that March starts tomorrow!!!!


Depression... The Taboo... The stigma... The community...

Friday, February 22, 2019

I think we can all agree that there's a sort of taboo surrounding depression.. I mean not so much in recent years because people have been so much more vocal and I think that's incredible...

I mean it sucks that there is this stigma around it like "oh, suck it up" "it's only for the weak of mind" NO! It's real! The sad part is, some people don't even realize whats happening until it's to late and they are deep in the throws of it...

It's normal to want to stay in bed longer and snuggle, it's not however normal to not be able to get out of bed. It's not normal to have to physically force yourself to get up and get your kids to school on time...
Maybe you feel ashamed, maybe you have a really good marriage and really good kids and you feel like you have no right to be depressed... No friends, that's not how it works. Depression does not discriminate.  Maybe you have this guilt that you have a really good life and fear that people will think what could you possible have to complain about.

Guys this is a really hard subject for me because if you aren't in my inner circle I probably have never told you that I struggle with depression.. You know what though it's good to be open, if I would have kept this to myself I probably would have never realized that I'm not alone.

To be honest I don't know when it started, I can't pinpoint a time... I know I didn't realize what it was up until about two years ago. I know I felt ashamed to say it... Everybody has their own problems or issues, everybody has their own struggles and pain. Just because we can't see is doesn't mean its not there or relevant.

Check on your friends that seem like that have it all together because I can almost promise you that they don't...

It also seems like when you are trying to get things together or in order that's when it can rear its ugly head... Like say, trying to restart your blog...

The point is maybe you are struggling in silence and you don't have to friend. There is a whole community out there with you, there are more of us then you know.

I'm here, and if you ever want to talk feel free to message me. In the mean time I'll be over here sniffing my valor and bergamot and reading because believe it or not for me that helps...


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Guys here's something I've been wanting to share for a while, because when you find something you love you can't help but share it right? 

So, one of the MANY products that I love from young living is sulferzymes! It's like little magic pills... I'm over here replacing all the things, sorry not sorry sugar bear hair vites!!! 

Why do I think they are magical? I don't know, maybe it's the way my hair and skin have responded to them!!! What makes them so magical?? I'd say mainly MSM!!! 

Here’s a little info, but I encourage you to GOOGLE MSM BENEFITS. I think you’ll want to add this to your diet, too...
What is Sulfurzyme?
"Sulfurzyme is a unique combination of MSM, the protein-building compound found in breast milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and Ningxia wolfberry. Together, they create a new concept in balancing the immune system and supporting almost every major function of the body. MSM has the ability to equalize water inside the cells, which is a considerable benefit for those needing joint support." 

- From the Essential Oil Desk Reference, Life Science Publishing
Why should I take Sulfurzyme?
If you have skin, hair, nails, or joints (and we hope you do), you are likely not getting enough of this compound. Weak and brittle nails, hair that doesn't grow or isn't healthy, joints that are painful, and skin issues can all be giant billboard signs telling you that you need more nutrition in this area. Skin that is ultra sensitive to the topical use of oils can be another telltale sign. This one supplement can do so much to help you benefit from everything else you are doing with your oils to increase your health.
"What makes this product different from the other products is the exceptional purity of MSM we use. This pharmaceutical grade MSM in Sulfurzyme is light years away from the low-grade material imported from Asia. Unfortunately, a great deal of the MSM sold in the U.S. originates from Asia. I believe that the key ingredient that makes Sulfurzyme so effective is the Chinese Wolfberry. With over 18 amino acids and 21 minerals, the wolfberry is one of the most nutrient-dense foods known. Few people realize that in order for us and our pets to properly metabolize the sulfur in MSM, the body requires minerals like molybdenum. When these are missing, MSM does not work as well. This is why wolfberry is so important." - D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living

Want more research on MSM? Try the Miracle of MSM by Stanley Jacob:

Overall friends, these have defiantly shaken up my routine!!! If you have any questions at all about them let me know!!! Also feel free to go to my young living page here !!!


A few things I'm loving in January

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hey Everyone!!!! Hope you have had an amazing month! January has been a great start to the new year. I figured I'd blog about a few things I'm loving right now!

adidas ultra boost

Ok ladies and gents, this may not be the best picture but these are the best shoes!!! Promise! Here's a little pro tip, go to the adidas outlet for these. They sell these exact ones for $180 at dicks. They were the same price at the outlets but they have 30%-50% off of all the shoes and there's an additional coupon for $25 off a $125 purchase (it's an online coupon for Simon outlets). So it the beginning of the year every one's trying to get into shape, here's your new gym/running shoes!

orange blossom face wash
photo credit @theoilyden on insta

Orange blossom face wash from young living is the end all be all to me. I have tried literally hundreds of face washes! I was an avid clinique user but guys seriously when I turned 30 my face was like whoa girl we are 15 again let's break out! This was my face's saving grace. I will never ever go back, after three years of using orange blossom I can honestly say that! 

grande lash
photo cred @grandecosmetics on insta

I have a whole post devoted to this stuff it's absolutely incredible... My lashes are so much better now then before, in the past five months I have had incredible results and its something that will definitely be sticking around in my beauty arsenal. Check out my blog post review here !!!

peach bubly

Next up peach bubly, ok seriously guys... Sparkling water is how I kicked my soda addiction, I haven't had a coke in almost 3 years... Shocking I know! This helps me stay on track for real guys! This flavor is everything, EVERYTHING!!! I'm all about the peach flavor and this is much better for me then stopping by Starbs for a white citrus peach iced tea with hwc... #ketolife

I could go on and on but I said I would only go over a few things!!!

Until next time loves,


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