Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Seriously, sometimes I really wonder if I'm raising kids or ufc fighters! I mean today alone I have broken up countless fights... As I type this I have my littlest next to me because she was just attacked by her sister for taking her "spot" on the FLOOR! Yeah you read that right... They are fighting over a spot on the floor, you know you can totally insert an eyeball here...

Summer has been busy and fun and full of activities. We've had two play dates already this week and it's only Wednesday. Here we are though  two out of three kids in time out no matter how much you do for them... Guys the coffee is not strong enough today that's for sure... I would even treat myself to a starbs run right now if it wasn't for the fact I'd have to load them all up in the car..

On top of all this I'm over here trying to get my life together and eat right all while still MOVING!
I'm 99% sure the house will never be done.. I mean not to go down this rabbit hole but it is super tough right now to get back to keto and my body hates me for it... I guess in that way I'm kinda like my kids.. They know if they fight they get in trouble and they don't get rewarded, there's no fun things but they still fight anyway... I'm over here knowing full well keto is the main thing that keeps my PCOS in check and makes me feel great and gives me enough energy to keep up with these little crazies but here I am with all the self sabotage...

Hmmm you see this is why I like blogging, so much perspective when you write things down....

So I guess the real question here is not whether or not I'm raising trained cage fighters but rather why we as humans do things we know we shouldn't?

Wow, I told you the coffee isn't strong enough today and I surely am not at the capacity for that question... Defiantly shouldn't have went there, I was feeling so much better venting about my ungrateful, fighting kids...

Whateves I'm a stay at home mom so if this isn't something I feel justified in venting over give me like .05 secs and I find something else...

What fights have you had to break up this week? Let me know if it tops fighting over a specific spot on the living room floor...! I'd love to share in the comical momming with you!!!


Friday, June 14, 2019


Ohhhh friends!! I am so incredibly excited about today's post!! I have partnered with Lexi from LexiLuCreativeFinds you can check out her etsy shop here.

Seriously this whole boho vibe that we have going on this season is really working for me! All the fringe has really caught my eye so when I was shopping Etsy which is a norm for me I came across her shop and I saw she had MACRAME DIFFUSER KEYCHAINS seriously guys insert the excited emoji here. You know I love my snake oils so the idea of having a differed on my keychain was like, ummm yes please and all the hand raises!  

Guys seeing something on the internet and seeing it in real life is so different, I mean you know that by now! I saw these keychains and I loves them but I thought they were small, I had no real idea of the intricacy at work here... I gotta tell ya, I'm blown away! I also got the small dream catcher with is amazing for a car diffuser in case you were wondering. 

Guys this, this is why I shop small.. I could NEVER walk into a store and get this, a cheap imposter maybe and probably for more money too! 

Another thing I have to give to Lexi is her packaging, this is not your typical shop small packaging. She clearly puts her heart into every single detail here right down to the fact that she actually sent me a mailer to use for this giveaway so everything would be top notch... 

I am so excited that we are collating on this and I know you are going to love it just as much as I do! 

So how do you enter? Well hop on over to Easy (linked above) and give her store a follow and then you can find me on instagram here for the instructions which is basically to follow both Lexi and myself and you can earn extra entries by sharing our post and tagging your friends! 

On top of this amazing diffuser keychain I will be sending you a roller ball of one of my favs and a small dram of oil for you to add to the lava beads on your new diffuser! 

Catch ya later on the gram!


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Self Doubt

I've been on a self growth journey lately. I have been reading a lot and doing a lot of self evaluating. This has helped me so much on my journey with depression. It's never easy to look at your self specifically and pick out your faults but it must be done. There's no way to get past our problems unless we face them.

I have found that reading (for me) is a huge help with keeping my mind right. I have alot of self doubt, I mean who doesn't right? Right now I'm reading the 5 second rule and I'm starting to figure out that alot of my self doubt comes from over thinking. I'm really trying to give this whole 5,4,3,2,1 GO a try. When I really think about it though, because I am, after all a habitual over thinker; I realize the things I'm really good at I don't think about at all, I just do it!

Where does this self doubt come from in the first place? I believe alot of times it comes from comparison. I whole heartedly believe that comparison is the theif of joy.
We all do it though, she's a better mom then me, she's smaller then me, she can buy whatever she wants, she's a better leader, she was promoted so fast....

The definition of self doubt is the lack of confidence in ones own abilities... Anyone struggling there?
I remember when I hit Silver for the first time with Young Living, I was like no way. This isn't me, I don't deserve this. What happens when my team realizes I'm not really a silver leader... Guess what? I started acting like I wasn't a silver leader... Then guess what? I didn't hit silver that second month. It's basically imposter syndrome, yes it's a real thing... I'd rather call it self sabotage though!

I'm basically a pro at self sabotage too.  It's like the minute I make a plan or goal, I inevitably self sabotage... This is also something I am working on... 2019 this is my year of growth I'm telling ya...

To me self sabotage along with self doubt can also have alot to do with what you feel your self worth is. It's almost like you have deemed yourself unworthy or the rank or the promotion or loosing the wait so you just prove all your fears right and either give up or never actually try. You won't admit this though right? Like, to others it's all like ahhh I'm reaching out and nobody writes me back or I'm eating really good I don't know what's wrong?!?! All while you are probably scrolling FB and liking peoples posts or doing that hide in the corner of your room with your oreos so you don't have to share with your kids...

The cycle has to stop somewhere guys, you have to decide you are worth it, because you are! You have to decide to change and act on it, because you can!

I highly recommend the 5,4,3,2,1... GO mindset for anyone struggling with self doubt and the seemed inability to do the little things!

You got this friends! I am rooting for you!!!


Friday, May 31, 2019

Motherhood Unplugged #kindergarden

Soooo I have to get on here and share my feelings guys! My baby, my mini, she starts kindergarten in a few short months and we just went to tour the school...  I was like, ok been there, done that! This will be no biggie right?! Nope!!! This is my baby guys...

                                                                This is how I see her!                                                                                                          

Momma'a I gotta tell you I was so close to loosing it! I was holding back tears, I'm not even joking! This is my third round of this, what is my problem? Well, simply put, she's my last baby! I don't have another one at home to keep me busy. She does everything with me, she goes everywhere with me. She's like a little broke best friend! I mean I will save some money, that is for sure but it's not going to be easy!

She's always been very independent, she marches to the beat of her own drum and she is most defiantly a boss! I actually shouldn't worry about it that much, I will probably be in the principals office three times a week.. When I look at it that way it makes it a little more easy to swallow... Joking... kinda!

She's already let me know she will never forget me... I mean how sweet right? She's always been that kid that doesn't need others to validate her, seriously she's who I want to be when I grow up. A natural born leader, unapologetic, herself always! I remember I took her to the park, she was four and this kid keeps coming over to her trying to play... She was entertaining herself though, she didn't need him to play with her! So when he was like hey lets go do this, she's like "nah, I'm going in this tunnel right now, you can follow me though if you want"  My jaw about hit the floor. My other two are not like that! They want to be liked and make friends and Scarlett's all like, I'm not here for friends, I'm gonna do me!

How many of you have babies about to start kindergarten? I think we need some sort of support group!!!


Saturday, May 25, 2019


Hey loves, I have something special today, I will be doing a review and a GIVEAWAY!!! I love giveaways and I love being able to offer giveaways to you as well!!!

Ok, so here goes, I found Jamie on the magical world of ETSY and I fell IN LOVE with her designs! I was googly eyes over her chenille fabrics and I knew I needed one in my life #baglady.

You see guys, I love ETSY, I love to shop small and support other small businesses! I reached out to her to see if she would like to collab with me and she was so sweet and btw an extremely fast shipper!!!

Go check out her shop here if you find a bag that is calling your name use code AMANDA15 and treat yo self to 15% OFF!!!

Seriously how cute! I know what you are thinking though, with something so cute how does it feel? Will it hold up? The answer friends, YES! She puts her heart into her work and you can seriously tell, the craftsmanship is amazing on these.

There eight compartments for oils and they will hold both 5ml and 15ml bottles with plenty of extra room for your hand sanitizer, thieves spray, savvy or even your keys!!!!  Check out this awesome interior!

This bag is amazing and I'm so excited it's mine!!! Now I know you are so ready to see the one we are giving away!!  This one is equally amazing and with its thick canvas type fabric I know whoever wins it is going to love it!!!

I love it guys! black and gold???? Yes please!!! So how do you get this bad boy? Make sure you are following both myself at onceuponamanda and pinevalleymarkethandmade on instagram! comment on the giveaway post and tag two friends who would love to win! Thats it!!

The code AMANDA15 will be live until June the 8th so make sure you stock up on some treasures!


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Young Living Powergize

Hey loves! Since I had a great response from the cortistop video you can find that here and don't forget to subscribe!

I decided I would do another on like that with another one of my other supplement loves from young living!

This video is about Powergize and it's a must have for basically anyone but especially those of us that feel as though we need a caffeine IV on the reg!

Hope you enjoy guys! Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think of them!


Monday, May 20, 2019

Mean Mom's Unite

Guy's today I was a mean mommy or so thinks my five year old... I mean it all started when I said good morning! Apparently unbeknownst to me she hadn't slept all night! The snores that rang out of her nose like a small trucker, they weren't real... She was adamant that she hadn't slept at all. I mean really this isn't all that different from most mornings when she denies sleep. She's done that now since she was about three, when she told me she doesn't sleep at night time anymore.

This morning though, this morning me greeting her with a cheerful good morning about set her over the edge. Has anyone else been there? I know this can't just be me right? I mean its cute at first but when even the bribe of her beloved jelly toast for breakfast didn't work I knew it was going to be a nap kinda day...

I should probably tell you that she's my mini and such a sweet little love (most of the time)! Then there are some days where I'm like why do you have to be so much like me? #thatattitudethough
So when the unavoidable nap time of the day came, she was really over me for the day, I mean I didn't love her anymore, and I was pretty much her least favorite human...  Let's cut to about two hours later, she was a completely different child!

Sometimes I wish it was that easy for me! If only I could be made to take a two hour nap and all my problems attitude and other, would melt away!

This isn't her norm, usually I'm her very favorite person at all times of the day and even when she denies sleep she's a joy. I know when I look back at these days it will be comical that a simple good morning could send her spiraling at least that's what I'm telling myself...

This is five and I'm going to soak in every minute before she off for school next year and leaving me in the dust!

How your day going with your kids? Let me know if saying good morning sets your mini off!!

That's all for today!