Monday, July 30, 2012

Ardell Double Up Lashes Review

So today I want to review something that I just bought a CVS for $4.99...
 First I need to start by saying that I am OBSESSED with false lashes!!!
My favorites for a long time were the M.A.C. #7 (thats a whole different post).
I love the full lash look. I have in the past glued two pairs together to try to achieve this and that gets to be a bit much.
So, I was thrilled when I came across these babies at CVS and I knew I just had to have them. I was very skeptical at first because more times then not they look so much better in the package. I bought the #205's here they are...
and here they are on me.

In my opinion, these are great I love the full look that they give and what you see in the package is what you get. They are a little heavy so if you aren't used to wearing lashes you might not like them. The only Issue that I had with them is that they seemed to start lifting at the inner corners, that could just be the fact that I was in a rush when applying them. I will come back to this post and let you know for sure the next time that I wear them.

 Overall if I had to give them a grade it would be an A- . I don't think that there are that many lashes that will give you this full of a look without doubling them yourself, and take it from me that is a pain!


  1. LOve this post, so helpful. I don't know anything about fake lashes, but I do want to try. Maybe staring with something inexpensive like this ones is a good idea.Thank you <3

  2. Thank you i'm so glad you like it. Yes give them a try I'm gonna do a review on walmarts brand soon, and they are only $2.98... They are really good as well.

  3. Very convenient way to always have gorgeous, attractive eyelashes even if you are busy and don`t always have time to make a proper make-up.