Friday, August 31, 2012

M.A.C. of the Week

My M.A.C. of the Week pick is...... My Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium+ ! I am telling you I can NOT complete my look without this. I use it over my foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream you name it. Sometimes I wear it plain with just some concealer. I have tried a whole slew of powder foundations and none of them even come close to comparing! It looks amazingly natural on my skin and it's really lightweight.

What M.A.C. has to say about it
A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

You can purchase this at 
or anywhere MAC is sold.

The size is 10 g / 0.35 US oz and it costs US$29.00

Overall grade for this is an A+.
I know that is the highest grade, but it is that special to me. I can't complete my look without it. In my opinion this is one of  MAC's best products!

Do you use this already or is there another powder foundation that's your favorite? Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment Review

I bought this at CVS a few weeks ago on a whim. I didn't really expect much out of it, but the constant advertisements get me every time!:)~

Here's what Garnier says about it...

Unbeatable Softness & Shine*. No Oily Residue
Our Innovative leave-in treatment with precious Argan Oil from Morocco.

- Absorbs in an instant
- Restores smoothness
- Mends roughness
- Intensifies shine
- Deep, sleek conditioning

Ok first, let me just express my LOVE for this product... I can't even! It is AMAZING! My hair feels so silky smooth. I have been wanting a product like this for a long time, but couldn't get myself to drop the big bucks on the professional brand. I was afraid that it would make my hair greasy, I mean it is oil! Not at all, I use it while my hair is wet and then again after I flat Iron it.

Overall I am going to give this a B
The product is great, but I'm not crazy about the smell it throws me a bit. I don't love the packaging either, but hey that's not what is making my hair feel/look fabulous.

It's 3.75 FL OZ and I bought it at CVS for $6.29. Go get yours you won't regret it!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'How To" Tuesday

Hey everyone it's "how to" Tuesday... Hope everyone is having a good week so far. :) This week I am doing a how to change the look of your face just by filling in your eyebrows. When you are going to fill in your eyebrows there are alot of choices. Here are a few that I own.
for this "how to" though I used my old faithful

I just purchased the Anastasia Kit this past weekend so I will be doing a full review on it soon. I have been filling my brow in FOREVER now because they are super thin. I used to use a very light brown kohl pencil until I went to my first MAC counter. I still remember that day, makeup life as I knew it was over lol. I have been primarily using MAC corduroy and the #263 brush for about 12 years. I have switched it up a few times though, sometimes I get in a brow rut! I'm kinda in one now that's why I purchased the Anastasia Kit.
Now, even if you are blessed with perfect eyebrows I still believe that filling them in lightly will help. I don't think that I have ever done a client and not filled in their brows (slightly)
The Urban Decay Brow Box is good too, I have neglected it because I always end up going back to my old faithful. I really want to love the lingering.  I do love it on alot of my clients but I'm not crazy about it on me (yet).
Here are some before and after pictures so you can see the difference.
Now like I said I am in sort of a brow rut so I will post more pics after I try the Anastasia kit.
Your eyebrows are important, they are really a frame for your face. They can both brighten / lighten your face when done correctly.
to accomplish this how to you will need a MAC #263 brush or any similar small angle brush and I just used the MAC eyeshadow in corduroy. You can get a color similar to your hair. Since I have had pretty much every hair color under the sun, I have found that the corduroy is very versatile. I can use it when my hair is dark, red, brown and blonde with no problem.
When I fill in my eyebrows I always start at the natural arch.
 First dip your brush into the powder.  The reason I start at the arch is because it will give you a better idea of how to need to shape the front.
Next you want to start feathering in the middle don't pack it or it will look crazy.
Lastly you move to the front .
This is wear it can get kind of tricky! You want to shape the front however you are comfortable with. You can follow just where the hairs are.  You could also take it out further and shape it upward like a natural brow would look. Then you can take a clean mascara wand or a brow brush to comb through. If your hairs are unruly you could use a brow gel or clear mascara to tame them. That is it you are done! You could now apply your regular eye makeup and remember to add a eyebrow highlight color to make them really pop!

What do you think? Is this something you already do? What eyebrow products do you use? What how to do you want to see next week?

Friday, August 24, 2012

M.A.C. of the week

This week I picked the oil control lotion for the M.A.C. of the week.

This is the BEST Oil-Control product I have ever used! I get oily in my T-Zone and I normally have a shiny face a few hours after I apply my make-up. I  moved to Florida last year and I needed something (with the crazy humidity) to keep my makeup on. I found this a few months ago, and have been using it ever since. I can go (at least) six hours without any powder touch-ups. I have not noticed any acne flair-ups using this lotion. This product is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is perfect for oily or combination skin (in my opinion). You should always use a moisturizer on your skin before your primer and makeup. It will do wonders for the way your skin looks and feels. It also seems to give my makeup more of a staying power.  I like to use this as my moisturizer before my makeup because of the oil control and then I use my regular moisturizer at night. I buy the smaller size because it fits better in my makeup bag and I can get more product buying two of these then if I spent one dollar more on the big one.

What M.A.C. has to say about it...
The ultimate no-shine base for oil control. Natural exfoliants help improve texture and clarity. Lightweight and instantly matte, bonds makeup to the skin for fewer touch-ups. Oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to keep skin pH-balanced. Use day or night.

This comes in two sizes  30 ml / 1.0 US fl oz for $15.00 or 50 ml / 1.7 US fl oz for $31.00. You can buy it at

or anywhere that MAC is sold.

Is this something that you have been looking for? Do you already have a great oil control lotion that you use?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"How To" Tuesday

Ok everyone it's "how to" Tuesday! This week I will be doing how to apply false lashes! I think by now you can grasp my love for these things! I still remember the fist time that I bought false lashes. I bought the MAC # 7's (they still hold a special place in my heart) lol... I love the way false lashes make my eyes light up and how I feel when I'm wearing them. Other then the ones on here for the "how to's" you would be hard pressed to find a picture of me without them on. Here is an old picture of me in my MAC #7's

For this how to, I decided to use the Ardell Double Up Lashes in # 206. I got them for $4.99 at CVS. I think it's fitting to mention that this week August 19th CVS is having a sale on ALL of their lashes buy 1 get 1 50% off!!

A big thing when applying lashes is finding the right glue for you! If the lashes you buy come in a kit with their own glue that doesn't mean that you have to use it. I know that alot of makeup artist's swear by the duo glue, I'm not one of them. I mean it's a good alternative if I'm out of my favorite. I just don't care for the smell or feel of it. This is the glue that I am OBSESSED with! I usually buy it at Walmart for $3.96, but they do sell it at some Walgreen's and CVS too.

They also have make a Revlon formula where the glue comes out black, I haven't tried that yet though. I really like the fact that this comes out a blueish color. It allows me to see where it is, and it dries clear anyway. I love love love that it has a brush applicator, it makes it so easy.

Now I'm pretty this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. When you are applying lashes you want to get as close to your natural lashes as possible. Don't be afraid to get glue on them, it will come right off. Alot of people will hold it up to their eye first (without glue) to make sure it's the right length. If you are new at applying lashes I strongly recommend this. If they are too long you could trim them. If they are too short you can see where you need to place them so they don't look all wonky!

Next, you are going to apply the glue...
Now like I said you get as close as possible.
Don't be afraid to press down and move it to where it needs to be. I even sort of "pinch" it sometimes to get it closer. Like I said the glue will come off so you don't have to worry about it staying there forever. I know you might think well if I do that I will pull all of my natural lashes out! That has never happened to me and I have been doing this for a LONG time.
If you are worried that they will lift in the corners you could always dab a little extra glue on top of the corner and press down. (I usually do this) I also carry the glue in my purse! 
That is it!!! Doesn't look hard right???

This was just an eye look I wasn't wearing any other face makeup.
What do you think? Do you like the end result? Is this something that you are going to try? Let me know if this helped you!
Here's a picture of me without them just so you can see the difference that they make.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream Review

So I decided to jump on the BB Cream band wagon, I see it advertised everywhere. There are so many different brands to chose from, I decided to start with L'Oreal. I have been wanting to fall in love with a tinted moisturizer for so long and I just haven't found the right one. I know this is not technically a tinted moisturizer, but that's what I wanted from it it's so much more.

Here's what L'Oreal says about it.

Discover L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream, L'Oreal's first magic B.B. cream with beautifying beads. Encapsulated pigments are infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidants vitamins C and E. You get four beautifying actions: primes to smooth skin's texture; perfects to hide imperfections; hydrates for all-day moisture; corrects skin for a healthy-looking, even complexion. L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream instantly transforms to your perfect shade for a flawless bare-skin finish. Over time, you get more beautiful skin.
L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream:
  • 4 beautifying actions in 1
  • Flawless bare-skin finish
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Helps protect against pore clogging

I bought mine from Walmart for $7.94, and when I got it home and started to apply it I was a little sceptical... Here's what I saw.

Now this was a shock to me, IT BLENDED PERFECTLY WITH MY SKIN! I was so surprised, my skin instantly looked better. It has a very mattifing effect but at the same time it gave me a glow, if that makes any sense. I pretty much could use this as full on foundation (and did). I put my MAC skinfinish medium + over it to give a little more coverage and finish my look.

My Final Grade
I had to give this product a B, because it caused major breakouts on me. It was really sad too because the product itself was AMAZ! I had tested so many products that weekend that I wasn't sure what caused the breakouts, I thought maybe it was the fact that I was outside alot and did alot of "glowing". I gave my skin a rest and let it get back to normal, before trying it again. I really had my fingers crossed that it wasn't this! Once again more new breakouts for the 3 days straight that I used it. For me it isn't right, but if your skin can handle it I think you will love this product!

*Products in this post were purchased by me. The opinions are my own*

Friday, August 17, 2012

M.A.C. of the week

For my M.A.C. of the week I picked the Old Gold from the Hey Sailor Collection.

The reason that I chose this is because it was launched a couple of months ago but for now you can still purchase it! (it's limited edition) If you can get your hands on it I would snatch it up! I rediscovered it this week when I was doing the how to post on golds. It is such a beautiful vivid gold, and with this, a little goes such a long way! You can use this so many different ways, if you wet your eyeliner or pencil brush it would be an awesome metallic eyeliner. Now it does have sort of a green undertone so you have to see how it works best for your skin. When I went into the MAC store to purchase some of the Hey Sailor Collection it was the very first thing that popped out at me and I knew I had to have it. I could not wait to use it, and then I did and I wasn't sure I liked it on me. After tweaking how I applied it, I love it! It works best for me when I just apply it to the lid and rim my eyes with it. I can wear it as is ,with just a highlighter. I can also glam it up with some of MAC's Guilt By Association or some other dark color in my crease. Add some lashes for full on GLAM! Overall my collection would not be complete without a color like this.

It's 4.5 g / 0.15 US oz  and costs US$21.00

Here is the link for it at

Here is the link for it at Nordstroms,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"How To" Tuesday

This is the very first how to Tuesday, I think this will be very fun! Something different to amp up my blog and hopefully acquire some new followers... On this How to Tuesday I am going to go over how to make a gold eyeshadow look work for the daytime.

Gold is one of those colors that you just can't go wrong with, if applied correctly! Gold eyeshadow can give you a very brightening ritzy look. It used to be my go to color, and after trying these looks I'm not really sure why I strayed. Here are a few of the golds that I own...

Now, I didn't end up using all of these in my looks. They are just an example of the ranges of gold eyeshadows. Since this is a day look I didn't apply lashes, but you totally could and still get away with it!

                                            First look

For this look I used my MAC Impeccably Rich eyeshadow. I swear last summer I lived in this stuff, it is so easy to use. It was a limited edition collection that came out in 2011, however last time I was at my local Cosmetic Company Store (they are in some outlet centers) they had a few of the shades and Impeccably Rich was one of them. It is sort of a gel and it glides on so smooth. I applied the Impeccably Rich all over my lid the corners and almost to the brow line. Right under the brow line I applied MAC Shroom as my highlighter. I didn't use an eyeliner with this, but I did use my pencil brush and a brown eyeshadow to give the smudged look. Here's what the Impeccably Rich looks like.

                            My second look started like this

I couldn't deal with the no eyeliner, daytime or not so I used a brown eyeliner to line just the top...

With this look I used my MAC Old Gold Pigment from the Hey Sailor collection. I have found that on me this is a tricky color I love the color, but if I use to much or put it in the wrong spot it looks crazy! I just applied it to my lid and then I rimmed under my eye with it. Next I used the MAC Gorgeous Gold in the crease and then under the brow bone I used Phloof as a highlighter. I only added a little eyeliner to the top lash line and winged it out a bit.  Rimming under my eye with the pigment, gives you the ability to still see the amazing color without going overboard. Here is the Old Gold.

                                            third look

For my third look I used my Too Faced eyeshadow in Silk Teddy from lid to brow bone and even used it as my highlight color. On my crease I applied my MAC woodwinked and I lined my eyes with my Lorac sparkle pencil shadow liner 201.

Overall these look were really easy to do, and I think they turned out really good. I would have liked them better with lashes though, but that's just me. What do you think? Would you try any of these looks? What colors do you want to try but you are afraid they wont look right?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Tease

Those of you who know me, know that I love to tease my hair. In fact I RARELY go out without having done so. Sometimes (especially in the FL humidity) it falls flat soon after I leave the house. This is why I always have a comb and a small bottle of hairspray on me for that perfect picture moment. Well I just found this AMAZING stuff! Lookout comb and spray I just might not need you as much anymore. Its called got2b POWDER'ful by Schwarzkopf and I bought it at Walmart for $3.94! Yep I said it $3.94... You have to try this stuff...

I can only imagine if I would tease my hair on top of using this magical powder I might just achieve the currently coveted Jersey look!!! I mean look it can take my hair from this...

                                                                           to this

There is no hairspray and no teasing or as my husband would say tying knots in the above picture!
What do you think? Is this something that you would use?

This product gets an A+. You can't go wrong for the price, I will defiantly be purchasing this again!

Friday, August 10, 2012

MAC of the week!

I have decided that every Friday I will do a MAC of the week!
 I will review 1 different MAC Cosmetics item every Friday to reveal my favorite of the week. This will be an up close and personal meet and greet with my MAC collection. I have so much Makeup but some of it gets neglected and this will give me a chance to go revisit some of my old favorites. I hope you love it!!!!

So the first EVER, MAC pick of the week is.....

                                          Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Fashion City.

Now I guess it's because summer is nearing it's end that I am clinging so hard to this right now. It's the perfect salmon/lt coral color that I have ever seen. It glides over your lips so smoothly, I LOVE it! It can be purchased at or at any MAC retailer it's 3.6 g / 0.12 US oz and costs US$16.00.

                                                                   Here it is on me

What do you think? Love it or hate it? What is your favorite lip color right now? How do you like the idea of having a MAC of the week? Don't forget to subscribe to my blog....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Smokey & The Bandit

Today I want to do a step by step how to on a great smokey eye!!! The smokey eye is most defiantly my signature go to look and has been for a while... You know what they say apply a smokey eye an instantly lose 10 pounds!!! This is so true because the attention is immediately drawn to your eyes.

I am going to use neutral colors for this, my two favorite go to colors (this month anyway)... You can do a smokey eye with ANY color combo it doesn't have to be black. My two favorite colors right now are MAC's Satin Taupe and Phlooh, here they are.

Now first things first, the most important thing that you can take away from this is, USE AN EYESHADOW PRIMER!!! I can not stress this enough, especially in this heat! Nobody likes to have melted eyeshadow, or worse eyeliner in their crease an hour after application... You can use any kind of primer just use some.!Too Faced Shadow Insurance is great, Victoria's Secret sells some. I'm sure you can even find some at local drug stores. I use the MAC paint pots, I personally think they work best. I used painterly for this look.

I always do my eye makeup first because more times then not you have some fall out, or you make a mistake and it's just easier to fix when you do it first. I also do a swipe which I will explain below, and that would rub my foundation off. When I start my eye makeup on myself I fill in my eyebrows first, alot of people wait until last to do this but doing it first works best for me. I fill in my brows with a powder and MAC's 263 brush usually, sometimes I use their pencil in lingering.

I tried to do this look with the least amount of brushes and I only ended up using my MAC 224 and 239 brushes (any tapered blending brush and eyeshadow brush will work).
Here are my brushes.

So after my eyebrows are done I used my 239 brush to apply my paint pot (eyeshadow primer) all over the eye from lid to brow. Then I used the same 239 brush to apply the Phloof on my lid. Then I took the 224 brush and applied Satin Taupe generously all over my crease. Don't worry about this getting messy or making perfect lines just close your eyes one at a time and go back and forth on the crease line. Now your looking in the mirror and thinking holy crap what did I do! This doesn't look good at all! RELAX, here comes the swipe. Take a makeup remover cloth or wet wipe whatever you have handy and line it up diagonal to your lower lash line like this.

Now swipe up.... Looks good right?!?!? That perfect cat eye type look that you always try to achieve, but it doesn't always end up so perfect. Now it's time for the eyeliner, my new favorite is from NYC it's the high definition liquid eyeliner in 889 extra black.  I bought it at Walmart for $3.98. I use the one with the felt tip though because it's alot easier.

I am a little heavy handed on the eyeliner. You don't have to use this much. Kind of like with the swipe method I also start my winged out liner with the bottom lash line and go up. When you use the bottom lash line, it follows the natural line of your eyes so your wings will always be even and you wont end up with one wonky eye. You can wing it out as far as you are comfortable with and then line the top.

Now lastly apply your mascara, I am using the falsies from maybelline right now, LOVE IT!  If you want to you can also add lashes to this look, I did as I usually do. These are the ones I used. They are the salon perfect in the 102 Demi Lashes and they were $2.98 at Walmart.
This is the glue that I use when I do lashes it's so easy!

                                                                    Here's my look.

 Hope this how to helped you a little, feel free to leave feedback...