Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"How To" Tuesday

This is the very first how to Tuesday, I think this will be very fun! Something different to amp up my blog and hopefully acquire some new followers... On this How to Tuesday I am going to go over how to make a gold eyeshadow look work for the daytime.

Gold is one of those colors that you just can't go wrong with, if applied correctly! Gold eyeshadow can give you a very brightening ritzy look. It used to be my go to color, and after trying these looks I'm not really sure why I strayed. Here are a few of the golds that I own...

Now, I didn't end up using all of these in my looks. They are just an example of the ranges of gold eyeshadows. Since this is a day look I didn't apply lashes, but you totally could and still get away with it!

                                            First look

For this look I used my MAC Impeccably Rich eyeshadow. I swear last summer I lived in this stuff, it is so easy to use. It was a limited edition collection that came out in 2011, however last time I was at my local Cosmetic Company Store (they are in some outlet centers) they had a few of the shades and Impeccably Rich was one of them. It is sort of a gel and it glides on so smooth. I applied the Impeccably Rich all over my lid the corners and almost to the brow line. Right under the brow line I applied MAC Shroom as my highlighter. I didn't use an eyeliner with this, but I did use my pencil brush and a brown eyeshadow to give the smudged look. Here's what the Impeccably Rich looks like.

                            My second look started like this

I couldn't deal with the no eyeliner, daytime or not so I used a brown eyeliner to line just the top...

With this look I used my MAC Old Gold Pigment from the Hey Sailor collection. I have found that on me this is a tricky color I love the color, but if I use to much or put it in the wrong spot it looks crazy! I just applied it to my lid and then I rimmed under my eye with it. Next I used the MAC Gorgeous Gold in the crease and then under the brow bone I used Phloof as a highlighter. I only added a little eyeliner to the top lash line and winged it out a bit.  Rimming under my eye with the pigment, gives you the ability to still see the amazing color without going overboard. Here is the Old Gold.

                                            third look

For my third look I used my Too Faced eyeshadow in Silk Teddy from lid to brow bone and even used it as my highlight color. On my crease I applied my MAC woodwinked and I lined my eyes with my Lorac sparkle pencil shadow liner 201.

Overall these look were really easy to do, and I think they turned out really good. I would have liked them better with lashes though, but that's just me. What do you think? Would you try any of these looks? What colors do you want to try but you are afraid they wont look right?