Thursday, August 9, 2012

Smokey & The Bandit

Today I want to do a step by step how to on a great smokey eye!!! The smokey eye is most defiantly my signature go to look and has been for a while... You know what they say apply a smokey eye an instantly lose 10 pounds!!! This is so true because the attention is immediately drawn to your eyes.

I am going to use neutral colors for this, my two favorite go to colors (this month anyway)... You can do a smokey eye with ANY color combo it doesn't have to be black. My two favorite colors right now are MAC's Satin Taupe and Phlooh, here they are.

Now first things first, the most important thing that you can take away from this is, USE AN EYESHADOW PRIMER!!! I can not stress this enough, especially in this heat! Nobody likes to have melted eyeshadow, or worse eyeliner in their crease an hour after application... You can use any kind of primer just use some.!Too Faced Shadow Insurance is great, Victoria's Secret sells some. I'm sure you can even find some at local drug stores. I use the MAC paint pots, I personally think they work best. I used painterly for this look.

I always do my eye makeup first because more times then not you have some fall out, or you make a mistake and it's just easier to fix when you do it first. I also do a swipe which I will explain below, and that would rub my foundation off. When I start my eye makeup on myself I fill in my eyebrows first, alot of people wait until last to do this but doing it first works best for me. I fill in my brows with a powder and MAC's 263 brush usually, sometimes I use their pencil in lingering.

I tried to do this look with the least amount of brushes and I only ended up using my MAC 224 and 239 brushes (any tapered blending brush and eyeshadow brush will work).
Here are my brushes.

So after my eyebrows are done I used my 239 brush to apply my paint pot (eyeshadow primer) all over the eye from lid to brow. Then I used the same 239 brush to apply the Phloof on my lid. Then I took the 224 brush and applied Satin Taupe generously all over my crease. Don't worry about this getting messy or making perfect lines just close your eyes one at a time and go back and forth on the crease line. Now your looking in the mirror and thinking holy crap what did I do! This doesn't look good at all! RELAX, here comes the swipe. Take a makeup remover cloth or wet wipe whatever you have handy and line it up diagonal to your lower lash line like this.

Now swipe up.... Looks good right?!?!? That perfect cat eye type look that you always try to achieve, but it doesn't always end up so perfect. Now it's time for the eyeliner, my new favorite is from NYC it's the high definition liquid eyeliner in 889 extra black.  I bought it at Walmart for $3.98. I use the one with the felt tip though because it's alot easier.

I am a little heavy handed on the eyeliner. You don't have to use this much. Kind of like with the swipe method I also start my winged out liner with the bottom lash line and go up. When you use the bottom lash line, it follows the natural line of your eyes so your wings will always be even and you wont end up with one wonky eye. You can wing it out as far as you are comfortable with and then line the top.

Now lastly apply your mascara, I am using the falsies from maybelline right now, LOVE IT!  If you want to you can also add lashes to this look, I did as I usually do. These are the ones I used. They are the salon perfect in the 102 Demi Lashes and they were $2.98 at Walmart.
This is the glue that I use when I do lashes it's so easy!

                                                                    Here's my look.

 Hope this how to helped you a little, feel free to leave feedback...


  1. great job! NYC huh...I've used it and liked it but it's not very high end so I assumed I was alone hahaha. thanks for the tip-i may be brave to try this...someday

  2. lol yeah your not alone... I think it's really comparable to they high end stuff. It lasts a really long time too. Let me know how it works for you when you try it, I think you will love it. Thanks for reading :)