Thursday, September 13, 2012

"How To" Tuesday (on Thursday)

Hi Loves, sorry about the "how to" being late this week. I wanted to do something fun this week and with Halloween being right around the corner it's kind of fitting too! Ok, so I don't know if there's any Disney lovers out there (I'm quite sure there is). I am a huge Disney geek!!! Snow White is my favorite (but that's different story for a different post)!!! I actually like most of the villains too! Well MAC came out with a Disney Villains line a few years back and I was able to get my hands on "almost" everything that I wanted!!!..... Anyway Disney just released it's first of their designer villain dolls and it was drumroll....... Maleficent!!! So I decided to do a Maleficent inspired look with my MAC
Here's what I used MAC's My Dark Magic & MAC's She Who Dares 

First I primed my eyes (as per usual) next I sprayed my MAC 239 brush with some water and picked up the blue side of She Who Dares and filled in the first half of my lid. Next I sprayed the other side of my 239 brush and picked up both the pink and purple side of My Dark Magic and applied it to the outer half. I then took my MAC 219 pencil brush and rimmed the bottom lash line and up through the crease with the blue side of She Who Dares again. I then used MAC's Electra with my 222 brush to do the inner corners and then to blended some of it up through my crease. I then used my MAC 263 brush wet it and used Electra as my top liner. ( you could use and silver liner here or just forgo this step if you would rather) I also used MAC's Phloof as my highlight color.  I lined my water line with some black kohl liner from nyc and used the falsies Mascara. For this look I had to add lashes I'm sure Maleficent would have went the extra mile, lol. I used the Ardell Double Up Lashes in #206. Here is how it turned out. Forgive the pictures I used a different camera today. Never doing that again!!! 

Now I know that you cant get your hands on the villain line any longer. However, MAC often times like to revamp their stuff and you can still achieve this look because they brought some of there mineral eyeshadows back. To get the look of My Dark Magic you will need MAC's Young Punk. To get the green side of she who dares you could grab MAC's Smutty Green and for the blue you will need MAC's Blue Flame all of them cost US $21.00 and are available on 

I continued the look by applying my regular foundation and MSF and then added MAC's Briar Rose from the villains collection and for the lips I used Violetta and Revenge is Sweet lipglass (both from the villains as well). Here is the overall look. Sorry the pictures are not better they will be next week when I do the evil queen!!! 

What are your thought's? Is this a look that you will try? What how to's would you like to see?

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