Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"How To" Tuesday

Hi loves, this week its how to do a tousled/curled fall hair look. I love curled hair in the fall, I mean who doesn't?!? It's actually a time of the year that you can curl your hair and it will stay with the declining/no humidity....  What you will need... About a 1 inch curling iron, I used my old faithful that I've had since High School.

Now let me just say that I do have some "higher end" irons, but I ALWAYS come back to this one... That just goes to show you that there are some things that just work better, even when they cost less!
I started out by applying this through my hair before I blew it out (another cheap favorite)!
Now for my FAVORITE hairspray EVER!
When I curl my hair I always curl away from my face I just like how it turns out better that way. So I start off by lightly spraying my hair then I curl it. I start on the left side at the top and I lay the pieces over the top of my head until I'm done that side like so.
Then when I'm done that side I flip all the hair the right way and respray it and kind of scrunch it up and I continue this to the other side until finished. Here is the final look.
What is your go to hair look for fall?

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