Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tarte Call of the Wild Eyeliner Set!!!! Must Read!!!!

I know that my review on the call of the wild palette was less the stellar. The call of the wild eyeliner on the other hand is AMAZING!!!! To say the very least about it!!!!

I'm not even kidding I don't even know how to express my love for this. Do you see that brush (it comes with it) you can't but that brush by itself. The curved side makes doing the wings to my eyeliner UNBELIEVABLY easy.
After I looked online for just the brush and found out that it just comes with this kit, I went out and bought a spare kit!
Look at the wings I have been able to achieve with no trouble...

Now, the brush isn't the only incredible thing about this. I literally wore this for 10 hours straight and took a nap and my eyeliner did not move!!! I can't believe the staying power that it has. Of all my liners (MAC included) this is by far my favorite! Now this is limited edition loves for fall so GO, GO, GO!!! This is an Ulta exclusive and it is $22.00. Well worth it and I this will last a LONG time. Even if you are a liner queen like me :)

My rating for this is most defiantly an  A+
Really the packaging couldn't be any cuter and the product is marvelous. The brush alone is worth the $22.00 for the precision it gives me. Throw in the 24 hour waterproof liner and it's a steal! i know I said I wasn't before, but this is almost enough to make a Tarte lover out of me.

Have you tried this already? What is your favorite eyeliner?

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