Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'How To" Tuesday

Red lips are so in this fall and I know that to some people are a little bit timid when it comes to wearing red lipstick. So I thought we would do a how to on red lips.  This is an easy one ladies, it requires almost nothing from me and EVERYTHING from you...  The secret to wearing red lipstick is confidence. Most of you know when you put it on you think wow this looks pretty good, but the bottom line is you aren't used to wearing it. The truth is that girl that you see in the mall wearing the bright red lips, she doesn't look any better in it then you would she is just brave enough to try something new. I'm really not even sure there is a wrong shade of red lipstick. There is one thing though well actually two, first be careful how you do the rest of your makeup while wearing red lips. I don't usually like to follow "rules" when it comes to makeup, I really don't feel like there should be rules it should be fun! However, when I wear red lips I try to do a very toned down eye look. I still load on the eyeliner and mascara, for me it's best paired with a sort of pin up look. Second, lip liner is a must! You need it to get that perfect shape.

I am wearing MAC's Ruby Woo, and a more natural eye. Here is a pic of just the lips.

Now maybe you're saying Amanda, I just hate red lips, and that's fine but remember the confidence thing goes for all lip colors. Don't condemn yourself to wearing nude lips your whole life because you are afraid to try something new. Take that first step, maybe you want a Jerseylicious pink (in that case might i suggest Saint Germain)!!! Just go out on a limb and try it, that is my challenge for you. Please leave me a comment or some pics and let me know what you try!!! 


  1. I would like a tutorial on when to use bronzer vs blush , and tips for application!

  2. Maybe a tutorial on the easiest way to do a french mani :)