Monday, October 22, 2012

"How To" Tuesday

Hey loves!!! It's "how to" Tuesday and it's also my 8 year wedding Anniversary (love you babe)!!!
Today I decided it's how to make your makeup stay put all day!!! I have talked a little about this before, but I figured it's something worth going into more detail with you. First off you HAVE TO use a moisturizer, that's a must.... I use my MAC oil control lotion.


The next step is to use a primer, you want to let your moisturizer set for about 60-90 seconds before applying your primer. Right now I am using the Urban Decay brightening primer potion (I will have a full review up soon.)
Wait another 60-90 seconds before applying your makeup, and that will do it your makeup should stay put.... You can also add a little finishing powder after you apply your makeup (this step is optional.)
e.l.f. has a good one at Target for $6.00 Urban Decay has a good one, TOO FACED has one and also MAC.
Now if you need your makeup to stay on extra long, special occasions or you know you are out for the night. Urban Decay has an AMAZING product that you spray on after your makeup is finished it's called all nighter and it has a staying power of 16+ hours. Really it keeps going and going! I use it on my wedding parties to make sure their makeup is in for the long haul!
It's defiantly worth a look and the large bottle (that will last FOREVER) is on sale on the UD site right now for $18.00, that's an incredible deal because the smaller bottle goes for $29.00.
What is your favorite primer and setting powder?
Well I hope this has helped you, please let me know what you think. Don't forget to keep sharing my page on facebook so we can get to the 500 likes for the giveaway!

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