Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Love is a Battlefield!

Today I want to review the bare minerals pressed foundation... O my! Where to start with bare minerals... I really have a love-hate relationship with it, I think that bare minerals was my first high end makeup purchase and I loved it. I remember buying it in high school and thinking I was really something, lol!!! The coverage was amazing my skin looked impeccable it really did give a glow, for a while anyway. I have found that I can only use bare minerals for so long and still have that glow, sometimes it makes me look awful. The last time I used bare minerals was in 2010 so it's safe to say I can go back now and get that great glow. Would it be the same with their new pressed was the question I keep asking myself. My mom wears only bare minerals and she always looks incredible. So I am so glad they brought out something new so I have an excuse to repurchase!!! ;)

Without further adieu ......

It is sooo sleek now the packaging is almost rubber feeling!!! The compact has a mirror and it's great for on the go, as of right now I love it!!! (I have only been using it a few weeks though) The coverage is great, exactly what you would expect from BE and there is no mess! If they could only do this with their warmth!!! 

I am not going to rate this just yet I want to get a few months use first to see if it's more of the same... 

Have you tried this yet? What is your favorite foundation?

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