Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"How To" Tuesday, colorful eye look!

Hey everyone happy election day, I hope everyone voted!!! Today I wanted to do something fun, so I picked how to do a multi color eye look!!! Here it is finished...
You can use any colors you want, but I used MAC's Amber Lights, Lucky Green & Freshwater.
Like always primer first, and you will need a pencil brush for this look.
Your pencil brush is the only way you will be able to get the precision right... I started with Amber Lights on the inner lid and lower lash line followed by lucky green in the middle of the lid and lower lash line followed by freshwater...


Next I used my 217 brush to blend it out and add my highlighter. I used MAC's Phloof as my highlight color. I then added my NYC liquid liner followed by the falsies mascara and then I used my  salon perfect #102 lashes to finish her off... There we go all done! It's very easy and you can use any colors, I was just in a bold mood while doing this...
How do you like this look? It's easy enough right? What colors would you have used?

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