Saturday, November 3, 2012

MAC Holiday Collection Haul/Review

Hi Loves, I owe you a few MAC of the weeks so I am hoping that this will make it up to you <3!!! I bought a few things from the holiday line last week and I wanted to share them with you...

First up the only blush that I purchased from the collection is called I'm the one, and it was the one for me! I love it it can be bold and/or sweet. The cost of this little beauty is $22.00 and it can be purchased at
I am a sucker for the MAC's Mineral Skin Finish, so it had to grab both of them and they are real gems! They cost $29.00 and can be purchased at
The first is Whisper of guilt here it is...
and next is Superb
True beauties right?!?! The great thing about these is that they can not only be used as highlighters, but they would also be really amazing eyeshadows.
Next up are some eyeliners I only grabbed two I wasn't supposed to get any of these but I fell in love with Mystery and Orpheous... They are $16.50 and can be purchased at
Here is Mystery
I am a real sucker for colors like this, you can see both the blue and brown. It's incredible, have you ever seen an eyeliner like this?
Here is Orpheous...
It's a brownish color with flecks  of glitter I think it's perfect for the holidays or for those of us who like to be sparkly all year round ;)
Now for the eyeshadow's, I told myself I was only allowed to get two and I ended up getting four!!! All of the eyeshadows cost $19.50 and can be purchased at
First is Ready to Party, it's a very frosty Lilac and has a very bright metallic finish.
Next is Stylishly Merry, this one was sold out in store's before it launched from all the preorders. It is fuchsia with a frosty finish. Think frosted cranberries, perfect for the holiday's right?!?!?

   Next up is A Natural Flirt it's a sweet, light peach with a golden shimmer-sheen.

Lastly I have Stolen Moment.
Surprise surprise, it also has a frosted finish. It's a very plumish taupe, with a little bit of grey (if that even makes sense). This color is right up my lane and could become a fast fav!
I hope you all enjoyed this post I will have one more to show you the lippies I got with this collection. What was your favorite? Have you or will you be purchasing anything from MAC's holiday collection?

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