Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Here's What!

Hi Loves, it's been a few days I will have another post for you late on today but I wanted to go over my October obsessions with you...
I also want to mention that my thoughts & prayers are with all those affected bey Hurricane Sandy!

Where to begin....

The first thing and I know it was on last months, is my Urban Decay Naked 2, I can't get enough of this stuff I mean really! I got some new eyeshadows from MAC's holiday collection and I haven't even tried them yet so that should show my love for this palette. (Christmas wish lists)!!!!
The price of this palette is $50.00 and you can purchase it at

It is worth mentioning that I did just buy Urban Decay's vice palette so there may be a new obsession next month.

Second, ok Cinderella was released from the Disney Vault in October for a limited time so I had to pick it up, if you didn't grab yours please do so. It won't be out again for like 10 years and who doesn't love Cinderella she was the theme of my wedding childish I know  I was only 18! Target has it on sale for $27.99! 

Third, speaking of Cinderella... Sephora came out with a Cinderella collection and this is the only thing that I picked up but I LOVE IT!!! It is everything you would want in a Cinderella collectible piece and brings back many childhood memories of watching the movie. This little lovely was $20.00 and you can get it at www.sephora.­com

Fourth, I don't know why but I am in LOVE with apple cider this is what I have been purchasing from Wally's this month... I think this size is $3.96.

Fifth, my little owl lipgloss holder & the gloss from bath & body works! I can't go a day without it and it makes my lips so sparkly!
The owl holder was $5.00 and the gloss is $7.50 it's the mentha shimmer mint in bare mint and they also have buy 2 get 1 free.
Finally I am OBSESSED with the new show Nashville! Really, can't miss a minute! If you haven't watched it yet you are missing out!
It's also worth mentioning that Football is back in full force!!! 

Because I'm not in Baltimore this year I have to shop for my Victoria's Secret Pink Ravens gear online. So I have placed my first order make sure you check it out if you are a football fan they have all the teams and some really great stuff!!!

For music this month I downloaded...

 The skyfall single from Adele (love her)

Back by Colt Ford and Jake Owen

Since I'm so obsessed with the new show Nashville I have been downloading their songs and so far I have
If I didn't know better
Back Home
Check them out they are all great you just search for Nashville on itunes!

So what are some of your favorites for October?!!?

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