Friday, November 16, 2012

Wedging Away!!!

Ok beauties, I have to share this fashion post with you... I just got these wedges from DSW. They are the Fergalicious Dreamer Wedge Pump and they retail for $46.95, holy comfort batman they are incredible! Now don't let the picture on the site fool you they are a lot cuter in real life.

I have been searching for a really cute nude wedge because last year I bought a pair of Naughty Monkey Vice wedges in nude (beautiful shoes) but sadly the heel came off! This was not the first offense for a Naughty Monkey shoe, I have had problems in the past with the heel staying put. It's really sad to because they make such cute shoes, but my bank account thanks me!
So in search of a similar nude wedge I came across the Fergies and they look just like the vices (from the front anyway) but holy moly do they feel a whole lot better!!!!
Now I have said this before but if you are not a DSW rewards member and a fan on Facebook, you are really missing out! I win gift cards all they time. They always run different contests as well, you can really win alot of stuff on Facebook!

So what shoes are you in search of?! Have you signed up for DSW?

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