Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!! NYE eye look!!

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!!!! I just wanted to do a really quick post about my NYE eye look so here it is...
This look was inspired by Rayna from the show Nashville and it has been pretty much my go to look this Holiday season... It really looks more sparkly in person, but in a good way not at all gaudy. Here's what I used...
UD Midnight Cowgirl glitter liner
UD Naked Basics Palette
First I primed my eye's and then I used my MAC #239 brush to apply crave on just my lid.
Next I used my MAC #217 brush to blend out the edges with faint.
I used Venus for my highlight color with my UD brush that came with Naked 2
Then I used my Midnight Cowgirl liner to go all over the Crave that was on the lid.
 I finished my look with Benefit's they're real mascara, since I will be home with the fam I decided to forgo the lashes. However I really think that lashes would spice it up if I was going out.
What do you think? Is this a look you would wear? What products are you using tonight?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

MAC of the week :)

Ok for my MAC of the week I have selected a brush that I can not go a day without!!! It is MAC's 182 brush and there is not one day that it is not used...
If you are in the market for an amazing buffer brush, here it is....
It is extremely dense and fluffy, but the favorite thing about it is how amazingly flawless it makes my makeup look. It's almost like it gives you a soft focus!  I especially love it for when I'm feeling my makeup is uneven looking with one good swipe it takes care of that for me ...
This can be purchased at and it's $52.00...
 I know that it's a little pricey but it is well worth it! So get out your Christmas gift cards and give her a try, you will be glad that you did....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hello loves!!! I just wanted to let you all know that the end of year giveaway that I mentioned a few posts ago that I am participating in with some amazing bloggers is all up so be sure to enter!!!
Only 4 shopping days left till Christmas ;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Katy Perry Lashes Review

Ok so let me just say I was soooo very excited to try these and I really wanted to love them, that was most deff a no go..... I got the DARLING, they are self adhesive and they look like something that I would usually go for. I applied them and I could not get them to stay at all, so I decided that I would just use glue with them no biggie I usually use glue anyway right?!?! Nope they would not stay even with glue they kept lifting, HORRIBLE!!!!! They were slightly uncomfortable too, they seemed a little sharp in the corners...

Where to buy Ulta price $6.99

These are getting a D-
It just goes to show that dressing something up with a fancy box or a celebrity name will not make it good, I will not be repurchasing or wasting time trying the different lashes from this brand. I really wanted to try the O MY too.... :(

I've missed you!!

Sorry it's been a while loves, crazy times. No excuses though, I have really missed blogging and I have so much to review!!! How has everyone been, I hope the holidays are treating you all well!!! To make this up to you I am participating in a HUGE blogger giveaway with some of my amazing blogger buddies so make sure you enter that it will be up any day!!! 
I am going to be posting a challenge soon so be on the look out for that, I'm really excited about it!