Monday, December 17, 2012

Katy Perry Lashes Review

Ok so let me just say I was soooo very excited to try these and I really wanted to love them, that was most deff a no go..... I got the DARLING, they are self adhesive and they look like something that I would usually go for. I applied them and I could not get them to stay at all, so I decided that I would just use glue with them no biggie I usually use glue anyway right?!?! Nope they would not stay even with glue they kept lifting, HORRIBLE!!!!! They were slightly uncomfortable too, they seemed a little sharp in the corners...

Where to buy Ulta price $6.99

These are getting a D-
It just goes to show that dressing something up with a fancy box or a celebrity name will not make it good, I will not be repurchasing or wasting time trying the different lashes from this brand. I really wanted to try the O MY too.... :(


  1. Really? I really wanted to love these because they remined me of the MAC #7'S and they are my favorite, but they just kept lifting on me....