Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"HOW TO" Tuesday Adele's golden globes look

Hey Dolls, I wanted to do a quick how to Tuesday on Adele's simple elegance golden globes look!! She always looks amazing while keeping it very simple. Anyway I ended up making a video, so I hope you like it..... :)
Here's the video

Monday, January 28, 2013

Urban Decay OZ Glenda Palette and this weeks "How To"


I am so so excited about this!!! I thought with the $50.00 price tag I was just going to get the one, so I went with the Glenda and now I HAVE TO get the Theodora ;) I am so in love with this palette!
Let's go through the colors
First up is Tornado it's a deep eggplant purple LOVE!
Next is Aura it's a double color one side reminds me of MAC's Shroom and the other side has a sort of blueish tint both are very sheer.
Then there is Magic such a pretty romantic pink, it's so Glenda the good witch!
Illusion is really a great color to have as well, great for a highlight or all over the lid it kind of reminds me of MAC's Ricepaper it has sort of a yellowish tint.
Then there is OZ, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Half is a Olivie gold and the other half is a blueish silver steel, really pretty. The goldy olive has a little bit of fallout issues, but I love it just the same!
Last but not least is South a really pretty grayish olive color, I really like this one too. They are really all amazing!
The travel size Rockstar! I love Rockstar it is a really pretty eggplant color liner.
Glenda is a super saturated high gloss lippy and this is my first time trying one I am truly in love!!!
Here is a look I did and there is also a how to video, hope you love it!!!
So this would have been posted yesterday, but this took FOREVER to upload!!!
Let me know what you think, and don't forget to subscribe!!!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation & Brush

Hey lovies Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I wanted to review the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation with you. I ordered this from QVC and the brush came with it. 

Here is a side by side with just the foundation on.

I got it in the light color.

LOVE the brush!

Super soft and fluffy :)

I think the only thing that throws me off with the brush is that it is so big I would normally use something like this for powder.

I have to say I do like this foundation but I did expect it to have a little bit more coverage, I think with a smaller brush it would. I do love the brush it comes with I just think some of the foundation might get lost in it! It is very long lasting and it id also buildable, but it wont give you as much coverage as lets say bare minerals with just one coat. I do like the formula though it is almost whipped. It is defiantly worth trying. For the $38.00 that QVC sells it foe with the brush it's a steal, considering the brush alone would cost $32.00 at Sephora.

So what are your big plans for Valentine's Day?
What is your all time favorite foundation?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Most AMAZING Headband EVER!

I had to share this with you guys, a few weeks ago I ordered so NO-SLIP headbands from an etsy shop. (HarePeace Hairbands) You know alot of company's claim to be no slip so I will admit I was a bit sceptical, but I cannot tell you how ECSTATIC I am that I ordered them anyway.
They packaging says this versatile headband is sure to please anyone. The velvet backing acts like Velcro in your hair, unbelievable at first, and then an everyday necessity. (AND BOY ITS THAT EVER TRUE)
I have always been jealous of those girls that could wear the thin headband to the gym or running, they would always slide right off of my head. Maybe I have an odd shaped head??? Anyway since I have been running and my bangs aren't quite long enough to stay up I really needed something NO-SLIP!
Let me just tell you ladies, they aren't going ANYWHERE, I mean I have NEVER found a headband that works like this, I cant say enough about them.
Oh yeah did I mention that they sell sparkly ones!!!!!! YEP you know I was ALL OVER that!!!

Here is the link to her shop
 HarePeace Making Peace With Your Hair
She is super fast at shipping too!
So if you are anything like me, (or my crazy head shape) you will want to snatch these up!
 She is having a sale right now so GO,GO,GO!!!


MAC of the week!

Hellllloooo lovelies! My MAC of the week pick is MAC's Dollymix blush.... Such a pretty color I really I really love it!
I know it looks like it would be way to bright in the compact, but it's a sheertone and it applies light but at the same time it's buildable... I feel like this is a perfect pink, yet almost berry color! This would be a great color to beat the winter blues and get you ready for spring...
You can purchase this at Nordstrom and the price is $20.00

What color blush do you normally gravitate too??

TGIF loves!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"How To" Tuesday!

Ok this how to Tuesday is very crafty!!!! This is a how to make super cute makeup storage... I am currently making a vanity girl Hollywood inspired vanity so I have been trying all different kinds of ideas for cute storage...
This one ^ was really easy but it took FOREVER to dry!!! All I did was use a mason jar poured some modge podge in the bottom and then some gold glitter (the more glitter you pour in the more potent it will be) I mixed it with a wooden stick and then I tilted the jar around until it covered the whole inside. The best way to let it dry is face down on a paper towel on top of a cake rack. When you first see it rolling around it looks almost white (that is normal). To finish it off I tied some leopard ribbon to make a bow and this would be a great lippy, brush or liner holder!
Here's a folder/letter holder I got from Walmart for about $4.00 and I thought this would be a great palette holder, so I brushed on some modge podge and sprinkled some glitter and this is how it turned out.
Here it is with my palettes in it...
(this one was a little messier to make)
I also got this in the office section of Walmart for about $4.00 and thought this would be great for brushes.... Same thing brushed on the modge podge and then sprinkled with glitter, super easy!
I think I might get a little paint and try to do some leopard print on it, if I do I will post some pics! Here's a pic of the Modge Podge...