Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"How To" Tuesday!

Ok this how to Tuesday is very crafty!!!! This is a how to make super cute makeup storage... I am currently making a vanity girl Hollywood inspired vanity so I have been trying all different kinds of ideas for cute storage...
This one ^ was really easy but it took FOREVER to dry!!! All I did was use a mason jar poured some modge podge in the bottom and then some gold glitter (the more glitter you pour in the more potent it will be) I mixed it with a wooden stick and then I tilted the jar around until it covered the whole inside. The best way to let it dry is face down on a paper towel on top of a cake rack. When you first see it rolling around it looks almost white (that is normal). To finish it off I tied some leopard ribbon to make a bow and this would be a great lippy, brush or liner holder!
Here's a folder/letter holder I got from Walmart for about $4.00 and I thought this would be a great palette holder, so I brushed on some modge podge and sprinkled some glitter and this is how it turned out.
Here it is with my palettes in it...
(this one was a little messier to make)
I also got this in the office section of Walmart for about $4.00 and thought this would be great for brushes.... Same thing brushed on the modge podge and then sprinkled with glitter, super easy!
I think I might get a little paint and try to do some leopard print on it, if I do I will post some pics! Here's a pic of the Modge Podge...

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