Wednesday, January 16, 2013

KHROMA lashes review ;)

Boy do I have something really exciting for you today. My first KHROMA review, and if they are any indication on the rest of the collection my wallet is in trouble!

I know, I know they look like DRAMA sitting there but on they are simply AMAZING!!!
As I have told you before lashes make me feel pretty I can be having an off day and they instantly brighten up my whole look! I am always searching for a good pair of lashes and with MAC's rising prices my #7's are becoming harder and harder to get. At $6.49 these lashes are a STEAL! Guess I'll be going back for that whip lash mascara after all!
^say hi to Noah in the back^
I purchased these from Ulta as I am writing this the KHROMA collection is all bogo 50% off. These were $6.49.

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