Friday, January 4, 2013

MAC of the Week!!!

Hello everyone, hope you New Year is fantastic to date! What are your resolutions????
This MAC of the week is the hands down very BEST concealer I have EVER had the pleasure of using.... The Pro Longwear Concealer! Let's face it, we all wish we didn't need it but at one point or another it's inevitable... I never needed it until l I got prego with my daughter and then hello blemish city... I feel as though I have tried a gazillion concealers and this is the only one that never let me down... It is always in my makeup bag because you never know when something might pop up! ;) I use the NW 20 and it seriously lasts FOREVER!!! A little bad will do ya!!
The price of this is $18.00 and it can be purchased at or wherever MAC is sold.
So if you are in need of a good concealer this is my #1 hands down!!!

In other news my facebook page hit 500 fans so I will be doing a giveaway look for it around Monday, and please keep sharing ;)

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