Friday, January 25, 2013

Most AMAZING Headband EVER!

I had to share this with you guys, a few weeks ago I ordered so NO-SLIP headbands from an etsy shop. (HarePeace Hairbands) You know alot of company's claim to be no slip so I will admit I was a bit sceptical, but I cannot tell you how ECSTATIC I am that I ordered them anyway.
They packaging says this versatile headband is sure to please anyone. The velvet backing acts like Velcro in your hair, unbelievable at first, and then an everyday necessity. (AND BOY ITS THAT EVER TRUE)
I have always been jealous of those girls that could wear the thin headband to the gym or running, they would always slide right off of my head. Maybe I have an odd shaped head??? Anyway since I have been running and my bangs aren't quite long enough to stay up I really needed something NO-SLIP!
Let me just tell you ladies, they aren't going ANYWHERE, I mean I have NEVER found a headband that works like this, I cant say enough about them.
Oh yeah did I mention that they sell sparkly ones!!!!!! YEP you know I was ALL OVER that!!!

Here is the link to her shop
 HarePeace Making Peace With Your Hair
She is super fast at shipping too!
So if you are anything like me, (or my crazy head shape) you will want to snatch these up!
 She is having a sale right now so GO,GO,GO!!!


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