Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Collection

Helllloooo Lovies!!! I am sooo excited about this post!!!! I picked up OPI's MARIAH CAREY collection!!!
Ahhh Mariah Carey, growing up she was my very favorite singer... I still have the old school rock out sessions with here, and I can not tell you how many times cranking out "emotions" before a job interview has relieved my nerves! Enough about that though lets get down to business!
OPI did something special for Mariah, they introduced their liquid sand collection, they call them the stage shades...
First up is stay the night.
Stay the night is a black jelly base with reddish pink glitter I used three coats for these pictures. The liquid sands are meant to be worn with no base or top coat. I really thought I would hate the grainy texture and I thought that I would have to use top coat, but the longer I had this on my nails the more I loved it!  It looks like a very matte glitter. Here it is with flash.
Can't let go...

Can't let go it a matte grape-soda matte glitter color looovvveee it!!! It has some bigger flakes of glitter in it too that really makes it pop.
Next is The Impossible.
The Impossible has a pinkish red base and has some large flakes of glitter and some stars. Overall I think I would really love this color if it wasn't supposed to have stars, it is though and as you can see there are NONE on my nails. If you can get past that though the color is AMAZ!
Get Your Number
Get Your Number is a blue base with large flakes of silver glitter I think this is such a cool color. It's kind of hard to capture the sand texture on camera and I am really surprised that I love it SO much!
OMG PLOP!!!! This color is right up my ally! Glitz, Glamour, Metallic, Shimmer, Amazing!!!! I am in LOVE! It kind of reminds me of a penny... Simply incredible :)
Anti-Bleak is a creamy wine color very smooth, this is just the type of color I have been gravitating towards.
A Butterfly Moment
is a very pretty color it's just not really my type. I swatched it but it look terrible in my picture. It kinda looks like a grandma color on me. It's a very light peachy pink nude with a ever so slight gold tint.
These are all the colors that I was able to grab today... What colors from this collection are you picking up? What's your favorite?

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