Monday, January 28, 2013

Urban Decay OZ Glenda Palette and this weeks "How To"


I am so so excited about this!!! I thought with the $50.00 price tag I was just going to get the one, so I went with the Glenda and now I HAVE TO get the Theodora ;) I am so in love with this palette!
Let's go through the colors
First up is Tornado it's a deep eggplant purple LOVE!
Next is Aura it's a double color one side reminds me of MAC's Shroom and the other side has a sort of blueish tint both are very sheer.
Then there is Magic such a pretty romantic pink, it's so Glenda the good witch!
Illusion is really a great color to have as well, great for a highlight or all over the lid it kind of reminds me of MAC's Ricepaper it has sort of a yellowish tint.
Then there is OZ, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Half is a Olivie gold and the other half is a blueish silver steel, really pretty. The goldy olive has a little bit of fallout issues, but I love it just the same!
Last but not least is South a really pretty grayish olive color, I really like this one too. They are really all amazing!
The travel size Rockstar! I love Rockstar it is a really pretty eggplant color liner.
Glenda is a super saturated high gloss lippy and this is my first time trying one I am truly in love!!!
Here is a look I did and there is also a how to video, hope you love it!!!
So this would have been posted yesterday, but this took FOREVER to upload!!!
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