Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hi my loves, it has been WAY TO LONG!!!!
I am really sorry for that, I have had a lot going on... I have sooo many things to review for you, but I will just fill you in a little about all the things that have been going on....
So I'm pregnant, this is baby # 3 so you would think by now I would be a pro right?!?  I was really sick when I took my first few days away from blogging and when it didn't go away I took a test...
I went for my first ultra sound at 6 weeks and then started having some spotting about a week later. I have a SCH or a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. It's basically a tear in your placenta and it was very small at first... Two major bleeds and trips to the ER later and I am 16 weeks and as of right now on complete bed rest because it is now more then double the original size! Never before have I had to be still while pregnant, in fact I'm one of the one that does black Friday shopping at 8 months... So with the other two little loves in my life this has been really challenging.
Have any of you ever heard of SCH or had it? What have your experiences been with it? I go for another ultra sound this coming Thursday and am praying that it has started to shrink. Preterm labor is very common with this and most of the time you deliver by 34 weeks.
Whatever happens I know that I am in God's hands and that is the best place that anyone can be! I have found a lot of comfort in Psalms 91 and I know that I am under his wings and he has given his angels charge over me.
This is my reason for not being around and I hope you can understand, that being said I will have much more time for blogging being in the bed all the time!

Here's our little nugget weeks 6-15...



  1. Never heard of it before but i hope everything would be all right with your baby!

  2. I've heard of it before, my best friend had it happen and the Doctor told her it was nothing to worry about and she wound up losing her twins because of the Doctor telling her it was nothing to worry about. Pft.
    Congratulations! I'm glad that you and your baby are doing well! You will be in our prayers Amanda!

    1. Autumn, my Doctor kind of did the same thing when it was really small she told me that I could resume normal activities after two weeks without confirming it was gone through an US and within two days I was in the ER and I had ripped it double the size.... Then a week later after mostly bed rest I was in the ER again and that's when we thought we lost it and the same DR latterly told me 3 days later that I have to live my life and it wont affect the baby! The ER house DR said if you want to keep this baby you better stay in bed for a while, but my OB acted like it was nothing! So I have since been seeing someone else, and she want bed rest at least until it heals a little...

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  4. Thanks for the Prayers everyone! It really means a lot :)