Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Psssst! Dry Shampoo Review

Hey loves,
I wanted to go over a recent fav of mine.... The Psssst Dry Shampoo, it's  incredible! I got it a few months back in my ipsy bag and literally fell in LOVE!

I find this works best if I apply it liberally to my roots. 
Make sure you get it in between strands, don't just coat the top 
layer of your hair or it looks gross. I use my fingers to rub out the 
powdery look after a few minutes. Another trick that I use is I 
spray it on first day hair right after I am done styling so it doesn't 
have a chance to get greasy! That also helps me to use less product 
on the second and third day. I use this after I have curled or 
straightened my hair so I don't get the build up on my tools!

I love the smell of this dry shampoo it's almost cocoa-nutty to me.

When I compair this to other dry shampoo's that I have tried, for 
example the tresemme or the TIGI Rochaholic dirty secret it wins
hands down!

 This comes in two sizes I bought mine at ULTA and the larger 
was $5.99 and the smaller was $2.99... Not to bad considering a 
bottle of TIGI'S would cost $19

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  1. No idea why dry shampoo doesn't work on my hair!! May be I Don't use it properly!!! Thanks for the share