Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Revamp, Renew, Reintroduction!!! This is me!

Hi Loves!!! Long time no talk!!! I have really missed this, so much has been going on, so much has changed. I have wanted so many times to write a new post, I have actually reviewed a few things and then never hit publish.... So here we go a new start and kind of a change up. This will absolutely still be a beauty blog, but I am also going through a new journey. A get fit, get healthy and self love journey. It's something that has been a long time coming, I am hoping that by putting myself out there you will help me to stay accountable.

I think it's safe to say that I have tried every diet possible. Some have worked and some not so much. I have always had good luck with weight watchers. It is a magnificent program, however I just ate whatever in moderation and stayed in my points. This is great, but eventually I would revert to bad habits. I never TRULY changed my lifestyle or mindset.

I feel like I have always struggled with my weight and been contentious of it. I gained 32 pounds with my first pregnancy and it took a year to get it off plus some. I went back down to high school weight before I got pregnant with Bella. Then with Bella I gained 30 pounds and I worked that off in 6 months, then I had a brilliant idea to get an IUD!!!!! BIG MISTAKE HUGE!!!! I started breaking out and gaining weight back slowly and it was around the holidays to so I didn't think anything of it at first... The sad thing is, it took me over a year to figure out what was going on and by that time I had gained about 45 pounds. I had it removed, downloaded the c25k app started running, tried herbalife stayed under 1200 calories a day and nothing!!! Not one pound, my hormones were so out of whack. I was facing an uphill road and then I got pregnant.... I only gained 16 pounds with Scarlett, and it really was a hormone reset for me. I have now lost 45 pounds since I had her and she is a year old today. Honestly though I hit that 45 pound mark in May and have just been maintaining. That is no longer good enough I am 12 pounds away from prebaby weight (Noah the first baby) and I am determined to get there and keep on going!

So if your still reading (sorry for all the ramblings)...This is what I am doing now... I use the my fitness pal app to stay on track, I am eating as clean as possible and I am working out 5 days a week. I am working out at home, I don't have a gym membership although I plan on getting one at my 6 month mark. I have been using my eliptical for cardio and doing lotts of push up's squats and using my kettlebell. I will just say to you, in the small amount of time that I have changed my eating up, I have NEVER felt better. I'm talking NEVER, not even in high school. I guess because I have never attempted to eat clean before, even while on weight watchers. I never knew the difference that it actually made. I have days now where I actually feel good about myself and that is no small thing for me. I can already see a difference in my arms and my clothes fit so much better.
This is it for me I am all in, I don't want to live my life hiding in big clothes and not wating to take family pictures. I want to enjoy going places and not wonder what people are thinking of me. I want my little girls to be proud of me and to know that they can be strong. I want my husband to think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. I want my son to be proud that I am his mommy, and I just don't want to feel like crap about myself anymore. In short I want to lift heavy!!!! 
So if anyone is still out there thank you for reading, and please share with me any similar struggles. Like I said this is still going to be a beauty blog, but I will also be talking about my victories and struggles with my self love journey...

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