Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where have you been all my life!!!

One thing is for sure blogging has truly opened my eyes to new beauty brands... Being a Makeup Artist, I have this addiction to MAC. I love MAC and everything, but there is so much more out there in the wonderful world of makeup... Throughout these last few years I have become addicted to several different brands, the latest....... Kat Von D! I mean really why have I never given this brand a shot!!! Ahhhh, well you live, you learn! Ok so, here we go... I picked up a few thing the other day at Sephora, specifically 3 of the shade shifter eyeshadows. They are $16.00 for 0.09 oz. and are supposed to be a powder eyeshadow that shifts, as in a duochrome finish that is activated with water. I also picked up 2 everlasting love liquid lipsticks & 2 studded kiss lipsticks.

Swatches below
Love Letter
It's a purple-maroon color.  It medium/dark, warmer plum with a frost finish. I found it to be super soft, smooth like butter, and very blendable.

On the Road (my favorite)
 Is a sort of brown-green change! It’s  medium in color, but it's very buildable so you could easily make it very dark. It has a warmer tone brown with reddish undertones and it shifts to a green frosty finish. Once again the texture was soft and buttery, which made it easy to blend. This is the type of shade that I gravitate to.

it's a beautiful sunset golden color. It shifts from a deep orange in some lights to a yellow-green, with a golden yellow in between... This one is just like the others with buttery smoothness. I have found all of these to be incredible eyeshadows. This color though I feel like you will have to be very careful a little goes a long way and you don't wan to look crazy!

The everlasting love liquid lipsticks are EVERYTHING!!!
I mean to tell they wont budge, after I swatched outlaw, I took a shower and literally had to use my pumice stone to get it off!

I picked up Lolita (which I love) however it does come out very dark I wish it was closer to the color you see in the tube.
It is sort of a dark mauve color think mid 90's, now it's all coming back right!!! You weren't cool unless you had at least 3 lippies in this color range...

I also picked up outlaw. Because, you know you have to have an all powerful everlasting red!
I really went back and forth between outlaw and underaged red... I went with outlaw because it was a more cherry type of red.

Now for the studded kiss lipsticks, which have to coolest tubes EVER!
I grabbed Lolita!!!

I'm not even kidding I love this color and it is the perfect 1995, Kylie Jenner color!
I also picked up Lovecraft...
Lovecraft is super matte and a pinky nude color, it sort of reminds me of MAC mehr just a little less warm.

Swatches below left to right
Lolita studded kiss lipstick, Lovecraft studded kiss, Outlaw everlasting love liquid lipstick,
Devotion shade shifter es, On the Road shade shifter es, and Love Letter shade shifter es

With flash
without flash natural light

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So what makeup lines have surprised you? Do you own any Kat Von D? I'd love to hear your feedback!!!