Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIORIFIC SHOCK Color Lip Duo Mysterious Shock

Hi loves, how is your week going??
I could wait no longer I had to tell you about my most recent purchase...
It's the DIORIFIC SHOCK Color Lip Duo. I picked the color Mysterious Shock it's a beautiful plum color. They have amazing gold packaging for the holiday.... I tell you I am a sucker for packaging!
I purchased this at Sephora for $38.00
Here it is...


 Yep it's a double sided lipstick, that's right double sided! How cool is that! I'm sorry my pictures aren't the best I just ordered a light box and they will be getting significantly better.
The first color is the darker plum side, the second is a much lighter almost rosie color and the third is the two mixed together, which is my favorite.
Here's what dior has to say about it.
The Diorific lipstick is renewed in a two-tone version. Two sides for two effects: one side boasts pure colour with a velvet matte finish, the other the same shade with a pearly gold shimmer
I love this lipstick, it was very long wearing. I wouldn't mind picking up another color and there is also a holiday polish that I would love to get my hands on...
Do you have any of the Dior Holiday collection?
Does this look like a color you would wear?
Sound off in the comments!
P.S. 7 days until Christmas!!!

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