Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush Kit

I have been saving up my gift cards to Sephora for a while now to purchase the
MUFE Artisan Brush Kit...
I don't know if I have mentioned it yet but I have been using their #270 brush for some time now. The #270 is an eyebrow brush unlike ANY other that I have ever tried. The tip is so small and precise that it's hard not to get the perfect brow every time....
This intrigued me, so of course I wanted to try more of their brushes. They are very pricey though. What's a brush whore like me to do in a situation like that?!?! That's when I saw it, right on Sephora's website the Artisan Brush kit.

It comes with 8 of their mush have brushes for $210 a $286 dollar value. I know still pricey, however I did pair this with the vib deal so I scored 20% off. That makes it a little more reasonable...
Also this pushed me dangerously close to the vib ROUGE level!
This kit is a Sephora exclusive.
It comes with the 108 foundation brush.
$36.00 on it's own
Which is quickly becoming my new favorite foundation brush.
It feels so high end! The bristles are so smooth and it is very dense, but it doesn't seem to waste product.
Next up is the 128 powder brush.
$52.00 on it's own
This brush is very luxurious too. It's good for an all over powder and some blending especially on the neck area. They call it a precision powder brush and they say it is great for blush as well. I haven't used it for that purpose though it feels to big for me to use it as a blush brush. This brush is also very dense.

Then there is the 158 blush / sculpting brush.
$53.00 on it's own.
Now this one I love! Really love!!! It's a double ended brush, who doesn't want a double ended brush?!?! It's like an all in one. You can blend, contour and blush to your hearts content. I should mention all of these brushes are so incredibly sturdy. Did I mention yet how soft they are?!?!
Next up the 226 eye shadow shading brush
$25.00 on it's own
This brush will deposit your eyeshadow very nice and evenly. I am telling you, you'll be very surprised how they feel on your skin. You can easily pack product on the lid with this brush. You can use him not only to apply powders, but creams as well.
 216 eye shadow smudging brush
$25.00 on it's own
I know this is an eye shadow smudging brush but I love this shape for contouring the nose. Don't get me wrong he's great for detailed eye work. He will put the product right where you tell him to. He will give you the perfect smudged liner look, but he does so much more then that too. He is shaped SO PERFECT to contour your nose.

242 large eye shadow blending brush
$30.00 on it's own
This really is a great blending brush. It's kind of big for my eyes. I can't use it for everything like my MAC #217, but he is good in his own way. I like to use him to soften my look.

250 extra fine eye liner brush
$18.00 on it's own
This brush is just the right amount of stiff. It doesn't tug on your eyelids. If you have shaky hands you will love this brush.
Lastly but most certainly not least the 274 double ended eyebrow brush
$28.00 on it's own
I love this! It is very similar to my love the 270 although it might not be quite as stiff. It makes up for it though by having the spiral end. This along with the 270 brush are especially nice if you have sparse brows. I use it with my ABH dipbrow and my brows are on point every time!
So ladies and gents get out your Christmas wish list and write down this one last thing. You deserve some good brushes that will last you for years to come.
This set just has me wanting to try more of the new collection! I hope they make more of these types of sets in the future. Maybe a must have eyes and a must have face???
Send me some feed back, what are your favorite brushes?

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