Monday, December 22, 2014

Smashbox on the rocks brush set

I wanted to get this out before Christmas. While I was doing some last minute shopping last weekend I came across these babies in all there sparkly goodness! Seriously, they stopped me in my tracks.


Here they are w/o flash
I should just preface this by saying that I need all the brushes do not really need any more makeup brushes.
I told you I am really loving my new MUFE set but...... O Smashbox! You really had my number bringing out these blingtastic beauties!

So there they were sitting on the top shelf and I'm not really a smashbox person I haven't really given smashbox a chance. This year I actually made my first smashbox purchase. I bought the contour kit, I really expected to just disregard the brush that came with it but I really liked it, so I thought this is great. I know their brushes are quality and they sparkle.
 I purchased these beauts at Nordstrom but they have them on Amazon right here .

You get a blush brush,
an eyeliner brush,
a lip brush,
a double ended eyeshadow brush
and an angled shadow brush.

3 more days loves!


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