Monday, April 13, 2015

My oily journey

Hey everyone how's it going? Baseball season has started so life with my baseball boy is crazy! Add that in with wedding season and the girls being well... GIRLS! I'm one crazy busy mama as of late.... I have a friend that introduced me to young living essential oils a few months ago and to be honest I thought she was all talk. To say I am skeptical would be the understatement of the century! I am so glad I gave them a try, defiantly one of the best decisions I have made lately.

My son, pride and joy, first born angel has massive allergies! I mean the kind that require a nebulizer at least twice a year, because to be honest here in Florida we only have two seasons! (hot and hotter)

I ordered the young living essential oils premium starter kit, and of coarse the first thing I made was the allergy trio cream!!!! (insert halleluiah chorus) AMAZING! We would be knee deep in mucus and nebulizer treatments by now. The three oils for the allergy trio come in the starter kit along with 8 others and a $117.00 diffuser. You can score this amazing kit for $160.00. Retail value is about $340.00!!! I will post the link below.


 I know it sounds to good to be true BELIEVE ME! I question EVERYTHING! I have to say though, the hype is real! I use these oils daily, they have been life changing!

If you are ready to start your oily journey or you just have more questions I would love to help!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Poshmark Review

Hey loves, hope everyone's having a great week... I wanted to do a review of my first ever poshmark experience. I think I had the app on my phone a while ago and then deleted it. I never really looked into it and didn't know anything about it. What made me initially try it?!?! I was searching ebay for some stella & dot merchandise at rock bottom prices and I came across the Amelia pendant.

The Amelia pendant is amazingly beautiful and it is also retired..... Yep, RETIRED! Can't buy it anywhere except a resale site. After learning this the hunt was on, I googled Amelia pendant and found one on Poshmark. Get this, it was cheaper then the current bid on ebay! On Poshmark you list items that you want to sell new or old. You set the price and they can make you an offer if they don't want to pay the price listed. You then have 24 hours to respond and let them know whether you except or decline said offer. It's really neat, the girl I purchased from was super sweet. She even sent a little note with my pendant. I really like this site and will definitely be shopping here again. I've done some research on these type sites, it's pretty addicting. I also really like mercari.

So what do you think? Have you ever shopped at these type of sites before?


Friday, February 20, 2015

Kat Von D shade and light contour kit

Ok can I just say I fluffy heart love this! Really, really love this! Watch out for my post "how many contour palettes does one person need" coming soon... 

The truth is I feel like I need them all, like I'm doing myself a disservice if I don't at least try them. It's a sickness really. Anyway when I heard Kat Von D was coming out with one for spring and I watched her video on Sephora I knew it wouldn't be long until it was mine, my own, my precious! It just so happens that she launched a brush along with the palette so I had to grab that too!

This is a game changer guys, these colors are incredible! It comes with 6 colors 3 highlights and 3 contours. 

The highlights are

Lucid Is a bright beige with yellow undertones and it has a matte finish. The texture is amazing very silky. It was very buildable which I find to be a great attribute when working with these lighter colors.

Lyric Is a yellow beige color with warm undertones and a mix between a satin/matte finish. It was incredibly pigmented.

Levitation Is a yellow peach color with warm undertones. It has a satin finish and amazing color payoff that is very easy to blend. All of these are super smooth!

The contours are

Sombre Is a medium taupe brown. It has warmer undertones and a mix between a satin/matte finish. The smooth texture makes it easy to work with even for a beginner.

Shadowplay Is a medium brown with warm undertones. It has a satin finish. It has good color payoff, it's the color I reach for most in the palette. It is super soft, and very blendable .

Subconscious Is a dark brown with warm undertones. It has a satin finish. Just like the others its pigmentation was amazing! These colors are so blendable, I love their soft, silky texture!

Here the link to it on amazon   #affil

Now on to the brush, you know how I feel about brushes! I know I say this alot, but you NEED this brush.

One side is angled and the other is a small version of a ball brush with a rounded tip. I personally love the angled brushes for contouring, I find them much easier to work with. The ball tip side of this brush is perfect, it's just the right size. I love the precision I can achieve with this brush. I should have known she would be on point with her tools. She is a sketch artist, so she has to be precise.
I love both of these so much, out of all of my contour palettes this one is by far my favorite (for now)....

you can grab your brush here on amazon    #affil

Here's a little vintage look I did while using it for contour!

So what do you think? What is your favorite contour palette?


Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Makeup Look

Hey loves!!! Happy Friday..... The 13th 😱 it's valentines eve guys!!! So I wanted to show you a Valentine's eye makeup look. Here's what I used...

So on my face I primed it first with my MUFE hd primer and followed that up with my Tarte airbrush foundation. When I started with the eyes the first thing I did like always is primed them with this little love...  It's my MAC pro longwear paint pot in soft ochre. I like to apply him wih my finger, it helps me not to waste him.

Here's the hero of the look! 

I know right! Scotch tape is a great secret to keep in your makeup arsenal. So after I taped my eyes up I applied my Nars dolche vita to my crease with my 217 brush. 

Next I whipped out my UD vice palette and added some Noise to the lower part of the outer crease (also with my 217 brush)

Then I applied Freebird to my lid with the brush that comes in the vice palette.

I didn't want to look like a zombie so I decided to darken up the look a bit. I used rapture with my 217 to the upper part of the outer crease.

Next I lined my eyes with my Kat Von D tatto eyeliner, then follow that up with some black eyeshadow and my MUFE flat edge brush.

Then I pulled off the tape to reveal this AMAZING line!!! I followed that up with mascara and I contoured with Kat Von D's shade and light kit (review coming soon). I filled in my brows with my it cosmetics universal brow pencil. Then  I topped off the look with my Nars dolche vita blush.

Hope you like it loves!!! Show me some of your Vday looks!!!! Can't wait to see them!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carols Daughter Monoi Strength System

So today is all about hair, I purchased the carols daughter monoi strengthening system from HSN. I had already tried it on my last trip to Maryland and was kinda hooked after the first use!

It states on the bottles that your hair will have 96% less breakage on the shampoo and 92% less breakage on the conditioner after one use. I can honestly say that in the short time I have been using it, I defiantly see a difference. I will be reordering this one for sure! The ombre I did in my hair last summer followed by full on purple did a real number on the overall health of my hair. I am really glad I found this because I am confident that my hair will make a full recovery with the help of this magical system.

What I love about the oil, for me anyway..... It's not to sticky or heavy. I tried the redken smooth down heat glide and it is sticky as all get out... ugh!!! I am happy to say that the monoi oil is not like that! So my lovelys.... If your hair needs some TLC, I highly recommend the Carols Daughter Monoi Strength System!
What do you think?
What do you use on your hair to repair damage?
What is your favorite heat protectant?
Sound off below!

Real Talk Makeup

Hey loves hope this week is treating you kindly! I learned to schedule facebook posts, but didn't do so good with the blog posts! She was supposed to post for you this past Sunday! This isn't a review post, this is more of a passionate what makeup does for me expression.
photo credit

I know some say makeup is a mask, what do you need all that makeup for? What are you hiding from? You look better without all that makeup? Your eyebrows are to dark! (yes I understand there is a fine line, no sharpies wanted) and so on...

photo credit

Really though guys, it isn't about hiding. There is just something about makeup that's magical. When applied the right way it will accentuate your beauty. Makeup is an instant confidence booster. Who doesn't love walking into Sephora and getting some new goodies. It's quite reminiscent of going into a toy store as a kid with the same sort of excitement.

photo credit

Why is that? Think about it, makeup fits everyone. It's not anything like you going out shopping on a particularly fluffy day and not finding anything that fits. It doesn't make you feel bad about yourself EVER! It's nothing like that shirt, you know the one that you tried on and it hit you in all the wrong places. It's not like those jeans that came up way to high on your waist, or worse the ones that fit perfect and then you walked around in them for 10 minutes and they're baggy everywhere. You don't have to worry about feeling bad about yourself when your out shopping for makeup.
photo credit

I know I'm pretty, I don't need makeup to prove anything! I want makeup though, because it makes me feel confident. I feel more outgoing, I feel empowered, I feel beautiful! Let's be honest ladies, we CAN take 15 minutes out of our day for ourselves. We are worth it, 15 minutes that's nothing! I mean we all waste at least that much time on social media per day. 

photo credit
When it comes to makeup there are no rules, if you want to do a full face contour everyday before you step outside do it. Life is short, wear the red lipstick! Do what makes you feel pretty, for me it's my eyebrows. They hold the power, they shape my face.
I will now step off of my soapbox and end my passionate rant. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smashbox on the rocks eyeshadow palettes!

Clearly these palettes (and or their packaging) were designed just to entice my inner bling monster lover of all thing that sparkle with holographic diamonds.

These limited edition palettes are jam packed full of jewel toned shades while still giving you some naturals in there. That makes these palettes capable of creating virtually any look. Lucky for you even though they are limed to holiday 2014 you can still grab them on Amazon.

 With the 28 pan palette, Smashbox brings us a whirl of finishes, from shimmer, high shine, frost, even some glitter and lets not forget the matte shades. When I swatched them on my skin I was amazed at their beauty. I am a sucker for jewel tones even if I hardly ever wear them, I feel like I need them in my collection.


This palette seems to lean a little more on the cool side. There are some warmer tones on the left side (the naturals that I mentioned before) and they fade into the blues and smokey side of life. These shadows are so buttery smooth that they make blending look super easy.

Overall this is a great buy! If you are trying to expand your collection, this palette is a great and affordable way to do it. I will post the link to it below.

Here is a link to find the 28 pan palette on amazon.
Smashbox On The Rocks Photo OP Eyeshadow Luxe Palette
This is an affiliate link and it helps support this blog.

Ok now for the smaller of the two palettes, the 12 pan.... This palette packs a pretty big punch for its size and price point. There is a mirror that takes up the whole upper lid which makes this super convenient for on the go use.

It contains 12 shades that are a mixture of both warm and cool tones. You still get to add some gorgeous jewel tones to your collection with this little guy. The shades in this palette are of the same buttery smoothness as his big sister 28 pan palette! In case you were wondering, YES! Sapphires is that perfect shade of blue that everyone NEEDS in their collection!

I will say though, with these palettes the pigmentation shows up more on my swatches then on my eyes. I fell like this is true for 99% of the eyeshadows that I own though. I will post the link below if you are interested in grabbing this limited edition gem.

Here is a link to find the 12 pan palette on amazon.
Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette Smaller
This is an affiliate link and it helps support this blog.

Seriously guys one of my goals for this year is to take better pictures of my reviews... They will get better I promise... I took these pictures when I originally planned to post this in December before my grandma passed... Stick with me it will get better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

zulily has some exciting new sales to share with your readers this week, including 60% Off Disney Frozen, 45% Off Coach Handbags & more!

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