Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Smashbox on the rocks eyeshadow palettes!

Clearly these palettes (and or their packaging) were designed just to entice my inner bling monster lover of all thing that sparkle with holographic diamonds.

These limited edition palettes are jam packed full of jewel toned shades while still giving you some naturals in there. That makes these palettes capable of creating virtually any look. Lucky for you even though they are limed to holiday 2014 you can still grab them on Amazon.

 With the 28 pan palette, Smashbox brings us a whirl of finishes, from shimmer, high shine, frost, even some glitter and lets not forget the matte shades. When I swatched them on my skin I was amazed at their beauty. I am a sucker for jewel tones even if I hardly ever wear them, I feel like I need them in my collection.


This palette seems to lean a little more on the cool side. There are some warmer tones on the left side (the naturals that I mentioned before) and they fade into the blues and smokey side of life. These shadows are so buttery smooth that they make blending look super easy.

Overall this is a great buy! If you are trying to expand your collection, this palette is a great and affordable way to do it. I will post the link to it below.

Here is a link to find the 28 pan palette on amazon.
Smashbox On The Rocks Photo OP Eyeshadow Luxe Palette
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Ok now for the smaller of the two palettes, the 12 pan.... This palette packs a pretty big punch for its size and price point. There is a mirror that takes up the whole upper lid which makes this super convenient for on the go use.

It contains 12 shades that are a mixture of both warm and cool tones. You still get to add some gorgeous jewel tones to your collection with this little guy. The shades in this palette are of the same buttery smoothness as his big sister 28 pan palette! In case you were wondering, YES! Sapphires is that perfect shade of blue that everyone NEEDS in their collection!

I will say though, with these palettes the pigmentation shows up more on my swatches then on my eyes. I fell like this is true for 99% of the eyeshadows that I own though. I will post the link below if you are interested in grabbing this limited edition gem.

Here is a link to find the 12 pan palette on amazon.
Smashbox On the Rocks Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette Smaller
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Seriously guys one of my goals for this year is to take better pictures of my reviews... They will get better I promise... I took these pictures when I originally planned to post this in December before my grandma passed... Stick with me it will get better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pinterest wins & fails...

Hi lovies, so I want to do a new type of post. I still don't know whether it will be weekly or monthly yet. It will be called Pinterest wins or fails.

We have all been there right?!? I know it's not just me! Pinterest makes EVERYTHING look so magical and easy... Here in real life we know this isn't the case. I mean, I do have some Pinterest wins...

So I have been trying to eat better (trying being the operative word) and I saw this AMAZING looking pin. You know the one for the cheesy cauliflower breadstick, yep that one... You know you pinned it! I decided the other day I was going to give it a shot. Seriously guys, it's time consuming to make this stuff. Here's the link I used.

To say mine didn't turn out quite as delicious as those ^ look, would be the understatement of the century... Unfortunately I didn't think about doing a post like this until after I had thrown them away so I don't have a picture of the flop. Just use your imagination, it was bad....real bad! They literally stuck to the parchment paper, seriously I was trying to peel them off. It took me what seemed like forever to make them. I feel like I started at 1:15 and didn't get them done until about 2:45. This was a fail of epic proportions!

So here are my questions to all of you... Do you have a better way to make this? Would you mind sharing your favorite healthy recipes with me? Are you following me on Pinterest yet? or you could just click on my little P gold glitter symbol...

Hope you like this post.

Till next time,
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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Olive & Pique bling baseball cap.

Hello everyone! Hope you are having an awesome week! Today I want to talk about my Olive & Pique bling hat that I purchased at buckle....
Let's just talk about buckle for a moment shall we?!?! Have you ever shopped at buckle? I am from Maryland and I had never really heard of this amazing store until I moved to Florida. It seems like buckle is in two out of three malls here! I'm good with that though because I'm #OBSESSED with this store. There is so much bling! They are a little on the pricey side, so I have to try and keep my distance.

Anyway I have quite the little collection going of the olive & pique bling baseball caps... I have now found out that I can get them cheaper on Amazon and I will link below. Being a busy mom I don't always have time for my hair. That doesn't mean I want to leave the house looking a hot mess, so my bling hat is a life saver! Seriously, I must wear them three times a week at least. I don't know, I read something before about if you wear it at least once for every dollar you spend on it you get your moneys worth out of it... Well lets just say I defiantly have gotten my moneys worth!

These hats are defiantly a staple in my wardrobe, they keep me feeling feminine and beautiful all while concealing my bad hair days...
What do you think? What are the staples in your wardrobe? What is your favorite store to shop at?

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation review

Hey Loves! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, did you  any new goodies?

Today I want to talk about my Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation.
This foundation does not disappoint, you truly do look like you are airbrushed! It was love at first sight for me, then I thought it was breaking me out... I think it was just a combination of things, because I am still using it with no problem.


 When I applied it on my sister I was shocked at the transformation in her skin. It looked so smooth and flawless! This foundation has crushed jewels in it, it gives you an incredible glow... The coverage is phenomenal. I can wear it all day and it still looks great when I get home in the evening. I will defiantly be repurchasing this foundation, it makes me feel beautiful!

I know that you know by now that I am a brush hoarder... Really though, if you buy this foundation you NEED this brush. I will post the amazon links below they will be highlighted in blue and they will take you directly to these products. 

you can purchase the foundation here on Amazon

you can purchase the brush here on Amazon

What do you think?
Have you ever tried tarte products before?
What is your favorite foundation?

Friday, January 16, 2015

House of Lashes Iconic & lash house review

Hey Loves!!! Hope everyone is having a great week. TGIF!
I wanted to tell you about my experience with house of lashes... #AMAZING
I ordered the Iconic lashes and the Feline lashes along with the beautiful pink lash house.
Ok, so you all know by now the love affair I have with lashes... These by far take the cake. They are so full, yet so comfortable. I have tried a slew of lashes and usually when they are this full they wont adhere to you eye properly, not the case with these!
Here is a link for them on amazon
Here is the link for the ONLY lash glue that I use
Here I am wearing the Iconic

The moment I saw the lash house I knew it had to be mine! In fact it was the real reason I placed my order. I will say it looks a lot smaller online, it holds three sets of lashes. I still love it though! It's so girly and I have needed something like this for so long.
Here it is with my two lashes from house of lashes and my MAC #7's are on the top row.

RIGHT! I know crazy! Look at the difference in the quality between MAC and HoL!

Here I am wearing the Felines

Needless to say I am in total lash love with this brand! I can't wait to try more!

What do you think?
Have you ever tried House of Lashes?
What is your favorite lash brand?