Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Real Talk Makeup

Hey loves hope this week is treating you kindly! I learned to schedule facebook posts, but didn't do so good with the blog posts! She was supposed to post for you this past Sunday! This isn't a review post, this is more of a passionate what makeup does for me expression.
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I know some say makeup is a mask, what do you need all that makeup for? What are you hiding from? You look better without all that makeup? Your eyebrows are to dark! (yes I understand there is a fine line, no sharpies wanted) and so on...

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Really though guys, it isn't about hiding. There is just something about makeup that's magical. When applied the right way it will accentuate your beauty. Makeup is an instant confidence booster. Who doesn't love walking into Sephora and getting some new goodies. It's quite reminiscent of going into a toy store as a kid with the same sort of excitement.

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Why is that? Think about it, makeup fits everyone. It's not anything like you going out shopping on a particularly fluffy day and not finding anything that fits. It doesn't make you feel bad about yourself EVER! It's nothing like that shirt, you know the one that you tried on and it hit you in all the wrong places. It's not like those jeans that came up way to high on your waist, or worse the ones that fit perfect and then you walked around in them for 10 minutes and they're baggy everywhere. You don't have to worry about feeling bad about yourself when your out shopping for makeup.
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I know I'm pretty, I don't need makeup to prove anything! I want makeup though, because it makes me feel confident. I feel more outgoing, I feel empowered, I feel beautiful! Let's be honest ladies, we CAN take 15 minutes out of our day for ourselves. We are worth it, 15 minutes that's nothing! I mean we all waste at least that much time on social media per day. 

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When it comes to makeup there are no rules, if you want to do a full face contour everyday before you step outside do it. Life is short, wear the red lipstick! Do what makes you feel pretty, for me it's my eyebrows. They hold the power, they shape my face.
I will now step off of my soapbox and end my passionate rant. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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