Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy New Year, where have you been?

Hello lovelys!!!

So so much has happened since we last spoke.... 
Let's see we moved, that's big and has taken up so much time!
We're finally all almost settles in our house, I love it! It's just a rental but it's super cute and my living room is my happy place. 

I've learned a lot about myself through this move, I'm actually really good at refinishing furniture, you will see in some of my pics.
I have also learned that for me anyway it is almost impossible to eat clean while in the middle of a move... Getting back on track with that and my blog starting now, or by the time you read this it will have been about a week ago that I started!
Also I have learned why they call oils essential, I mean seriously they are essential for my daily life now.
As we speak I have thieves, Christmas Spirit & treasure of the season going in my new dewdrop diffuser.... yummy!
I also just laid the baby down and I have lavender, peace and calming & surrender in her room going. Fingers crossed for a long nap :).....
I use young living and they have been a game changer for the whole family.

I have so much new makeup to blog about, I have so many new oils to talk about. I have some hair products to review, I have some chalk painting tips to share.. This is going to be fun so if your still  out there reading sit back and relax and enjoy the blog.

I'm thinking about starting a periscope, who uses it?