Monday, May 9, 2016

Lorac pro contour palette & brush set

Hello beauties, I did a quick review of the Lorac contour palette....
Honestly I'm not impressed, which is surprising because I love the pro eyeshadow palette. Actually I would go as far as to say it's my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time...

I was really excited to try this and the fact that it came with a brush 
was a bonus. My first thoughts were, the palette itself if a good size, it has 6 shades, wow the brush is small and not really the best quality...

The medium color which is what I normally gravitate too is very warm, it was a little to orange for my skin. The dark was nice but hard to blend. This is defiantly not the palette for a beginner.
The highlight colors are just average, the shimmer color is nice and not to shimmery. I did a video for you here.

I honestly don't see myself reaching for this palette much. I have tons of others to choose from. The brush made it nearly impossible to blend, so I ended up using my kat von d shade and light brush with it. 

I still love lorac and will continue to try different products that they have/come out with.

Powder contour is my favorite and I will be reviewing more brands in the weeks to come.


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