Monday, May 2, 2016

My new primer & facial serium

Ok loves, I made my very own makeup primer / facial serum and I'm never going back....

Crazy right, I mean I only have like 30 primers in my collection! Everything from YSL to hard candy, yet never have I ever found one with the benefits of the one I made with my young living essential oils.
My makeup stays on and smooth the WHOLE day.....
It smells AMAZING!
My skin is the very best it has EVER been.
I'm turning 30 this year so I made this with the intention of rewinding the clock and so far I'm loving my results!
I use it as a primer or before bed as a serum (sometimes)

Here's a little video I did...

If you can't tell I'm trying to get back into making videos for you...
If you want some information on oils you can find it here
or if you go to young my member # is 2573746

In this primer I used jojoba oil as my carrier and I added a little vitamin e oil. The yleo's I used in this mix were frankincense, purification, lavender, copabia, geranium, cypress, lemon, bergamot  & patchouli. Alot of these oils come in your premium starter kit.

I've been oiling for about 14 months and seriously guys, you know me I can't even commit to a makeup brand but somehow I can't get enough of these oils.
I just couldn't keep this to myself any longer I figured I'd share the love with my fellow shin care/makeup junkies!!

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