Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Butter London glazen eye gloss in oil slick

Hello everyone, hope you're having a fantastic week...!

I got an email from butter london quite a few weeks ago 

about this eye gloss they were launching in august and for one

day only you could purchase in advance and have it before 

everyone else.... So of course I did it!!! 

They are $24 each and with the trip I had already made to 

Sephora that week I opted to only grab one. I of course went 

for oil slick because as you may know by now those sort of 

colors are my jam!!! It's such a fantastic color and oh how it 


 They say it's eye shadow that delivers a wet look shine, 

without being wet. I will 100% concur with that. It totally looks 

& feels wet and applies like a gel.  It has a jiggly pudding-like

 texture (think flubber if you're a 90's kid) but dries like a 

powder. I have worn it both with and without a primer and 

have had amazing long lasting results with both. The crazy 

thing about this is listen carefully, IT DOESN'T CREASE!!! 

Yep I said it, it's true this is real life... No creasing!!! It is also 

very buildable, you could go from sheer to intense very easily 

with this stuff.

(top is two layers and bottom is one sheer layer)

They tell you to apply with your finger, but I have also used my 

239 brush and I like that too. Obviously applying with your 

finger is fine, but I'm more of a brush girl...

I went into ulta the other day and I saw them in store. So if you 

want to swatch all the colors for yourself or just don't want to 

wait for them to come in the mail you can go there and grab 


Overall I really didn't expect that much from a brand that I (in 

my own mind) have labeled a nail polish brand but I was very 

pleasantly surprised and will be looking into this brand more!!

Hope you like this review, let me know if you picked any of 

these up for yourself! What are some eyeshadow colors that 

you gravitate too?


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

MUFE sculpting kit #4 dark

Hey loves!!!! Sorry my posts have been lagging it's been a super busy last few weeks. School starts Wednesday so be prepared for tons of posts and videos in the next few weeks!!!

I did this little video review for you on my 
"Make Up For Ever sculpting kit"
as part of our contour world tour!!!! haha!! 

I scooped this up at sephora a while back for $48.00 and I got the shade #4 dark, because I like to live dangerously like that!!

Seriously though, dark doesn't have to be a scary thing.... Blend blend blend!!!
I'm so excited that we are doing this contour thing because I had forgotten how many great palettes I have. 

This Make Up For Ever really hits the mark for me because  it's so compact and so pigmented at the same time. 
I like to have an emergency grab and go makeup bag because most of the time i'm doing my makeup in the car and this is perfect for that.
I had no issues with blending (even without my Kat Von D brush).

Hers's my video so you can see for yourself, as usual I try to roll through this as quick as I can so you don't get bored...

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