Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dose of colors matte liquid lipstick

Hey everyone!! How's your week going?!? Busy busy for me... 
So, I wanted to do this review for you because I am going to go on kind of a liquid lipstick expose!

I have heard really good things about dose of colors and like most other Internet based companies it's super hard to find good swatches of the color you want. Sure the companies really true to give you what it looks like on lips but to be honest that's really no help because we all have different natural pigmentation in our lips. For example my sister and I are very similar (even skin color) but lipsticks look totally different on us...

Anyway I just went way off topic we are here to review the dose of colors liquid matte lippies. I bought both the colors stone & berry me. (they were having a labor day sale so I scooped up two)

Stone is totally one of those colors that I gravitate to naturally. Again though trying to distinguish this via instagram or google images was hard. Overall I'm super happy with me choice. It's a beautiful rosey nude color. 

Here I am wearing it (without lip liner) #don'tjudge

So totally a color that I am guaranteed to have at least 2-3 of in my makeup bag at all times, all while having about 37 others between my kit and my vanity!!! #sorrynotsorry

Then there's berry me also in my color wheel but not something I always grab for. I have to be in the mood and that mood usually hit around fall time.

Berry me is a perfect berry color, it's a plum color but on the brighter side. I do love a good berry lip for fall. Break out the pumpkin spice now!!! 

Here I am wearing berry me..

Honestly this picture doesn't do the color justice at all. It looks way more reddish then berry in the pic but it's that fabulous plum berry you've been searching for!!

Here is a picture of both without flash
 Berry Me on the left and Stone on the right.

Here's one with flash

It's worth mentioning that there are vegan, gluten & cruelty free.

Let's talk about texture because that's what you really want to know right?! If your lips are going to feel as though they are stiff and going to crack off or if they will feel like you are putting on a cream base...?
Well to answer, it really glides on pretty smooth. It's not runny, it didn't bleed as you can see with my lip liner free pics. It does take a while to dry completely, so not like all mattes on the market in that respect. I found that one swipe gave me full opacity.
The staying power is pretty great. It lasted for a full 7 hours on me and I had to scrub to completely get berry me off after only a few hours.
As far as price goes these are usually $18 which is pretty normal for a liquid matte, grabbing it with the labor day 20% off made the price so much sweeter.

What do you think? Have you tried dose of colors before? What is your favorite brand for liquid matte lippies? Don't forget to follow and leave me some love!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Permanent Eyebrows...!!! Wake up with Makeup by Debbie Flory

Hey loves, this is going to be a lengthy one so lets dive in shall we? So for starter you've seen it, instagram is going crazy over it, it's on the forefront of every one's minds now... You know what I'm talking about, permanent eyebrows or semi permanent or microblading.... Everyone is talking about it and I have been considering it for a few years now. You all know how I feel about my eyebrows by now, seriously if it's a bad brow day don't even talk to me!!! lol joking, kinda! #sorrynotsorry 

Long story short, I wasn't really educated on microblading. I didn't realize that I would have to drop about $500 for it to last at the most a year just so that it would look like hair stokes (which I don't even love anyway!) Once I kinda figured that out I kinda gave up and figured I'd be living my life dip brow jar after dip brow jar, sure  #anastasiabeverlyhills would love me but it just gets old after a while ya know!?!?

Anyways, I was in Ulta Ocala a few weeks ago and I was looking at the new benefit brow kits and I hear these two girls talking about tattooed eyebrows.... I'm not joking I had to eavesdrop!!! So the one says to the other "I can't believe your eyebrows are tattooed" so I turn around, not really sure what I was expecting to see... Then she says "your mom really does good work, are hers the same?" So I have to walk over, I'm like I was listening to your conversation OMGoodness your eyebrows are tattooed? They look like they were the shape of the Anastasia beverly hills high arch stencil, I'm not joking!! I had to walk closer, I.WOULD.HAVE.NEVER.KNOWN! I swear her brows look like that of an instagram celebrity!!! She actually works at Ulta (well at benefits brow bar in Ulta) her name is Amanda, she's fabulous if you need a wax go see her.... So she gives me her Mom's card, I called that night for an appointment! I was not putting that off for one more day, her brows are that good! 

So let's get to the good stuff... Debbie is a makeup artist, she's been doing permanent makeup for 24 years now and she's a perfectionist. After all your face is like a walking business card for her, she wants your brows on point!!! She's even more passionate about brows then me and that's really saying something!!! 
So this is the what's what.. You go in, she draws on your brows and does nothing until you approve them. She drew my brows on so fast I was expecting to look in the mirror and not be happy. Boy was I wrong, she drew them on better then me and way faster! Wow, my brows had never been penciled in that good before! Here's a little before and after... You can also see more of her work here.

Now, that was immediately after and I actually love them.. She said they would shrink down and the best is yet to come. I want to go over the healing process with you. I took pics everyday of the initial healing process because I seriously looked and looked online but nobody broke it down for me. I'm very visual when it comes to things like this, so I decided to make my own. So I knew right off the bat because Debbie had told me they would be darker until they pealed and a little bigger for the first few days too. Oh and by the way this post will be the least makeup you have ever seen me wear, you're warned!!

Here's the day after we're going to call this day one.
So as you can see a little darker.. Let's move on to day two.
Still really dark but you can see them getting smaller. Here's day 3.

You can see they are starting to scab a bit, the scabs will be the most thick at the front because that's the biggest part. Here's day 4.

Up next is day 5 this is the first day a piece of the scab came off, so I have a few pics of this day. I should also mention when the scab comes off the color is lighter, the color it's supposed to be. It just looks different then the darker still scabbed parts.

Day 6 you can see a bit more peeling here.

Day 7 they look pretty good here.

Next up is day 8, they were probably the worst here. Again though, this is normal all part of the process to phenomenal brows.

Day 9 scab free, I think they are looking pretty good. I could wait any longer to tell you guys!!!

I can not tell you how happy it makes me to #wakeupwithmakeup. Not only that but I absolutely adore Debbie, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever meet. If you are in the area or even if your not, she's worth traveling for. Choosing someone to put something permanent on your face is huge, make your decision wisely. Actually 50% of her work are people who originally went to someone else and they were jacked up. She a color specialist. For me it was a million times worth it, I would do it again in a heartbeat. You might be wondering about the pain? She numbs you up really well and I didn't find it to be bad at all. I mean maybe a little uncomfortable but that's it. Her prices for this start at $250 and she runs a lot of specials. Really though, I spent that in brow products so again #worthit! Her favorite part is the touch up, she says they might come in as sisters but they will leave as twins. She likes to be a little more cautious when on your first visit until she sees how you heal and I for one really appreciate that. I go back in 6 weeks for the touch up! #excited They already look amazing though, in my opinion! You can go to her Facebook page here and check out more of her work.

Can't wait to show you my update! I will probably do that on youtube and link it here. Here's more pic's to give you a better comparison.

So happy and if you were even considering g doing this, my advice!?!? Go for it you won't regret it, just make sure you pick the right person (hint wake up with makeup by Debbie.) I will recommend her until i'm blue in the face, she's that good. Also if you were considering microblading make sure you research it. Debbie also has a good write up about it on her Facebook page so check that out. I'm so glad that I went into Ulta that day and saw Amanda because I can honestly it's changed my life and it's only been 10 days!


*Disclosure*All of these opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.

Friday, September 9, 2016

young living geranium oil

Ok can we just talk about this magical thing called geranium oil for a minute?!?! For reals guys it's fanflippintastic!!! I use it as a miracle spot treatment and it works wonders. 

I'm always looking for a good spot treatment since i'm constantly trying new foundations and cc creams and bb creams so I can share my humble opinion with you. You never know what product your skin is going to hate, so I think spot treatment is a must. With the young living geranium oil I know what I'm putting on my face is totally natural.

Geranium is also an air purifier, grumpy gus buster, dry skin soother, and a plethora of other things. It also has antibacterial & antiseptic properties. I also made a little turning 30 face cream and added it. It will go down as one of my must have oils and I always keep an extra bottle around.

What are some of your favorite spot treatments? Have you tried essential oils? If you want more info or are ready to take the plunge and purchase your kit my member # is 2573746 I would love to have you as part of my oily tribe!!! I also have a site it's,

If you have any questions feel free to comment or shot me an email!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jaclyn Hill x Becca champagne collection

Hello loves! I was so super stoked for this whole collection but I think the thing I was most looking forward to was the eyeshadow that I failed to secure!!! 

Oh well I know becca & jhill both want an amazing product and I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Here's what I did pick up from the collection though!!!

Ok so first the brush I know I don't need another but it was a LE and that! For real though it's totes amazing! I was back and forth on ordering it but when I went into Sephora and actually felt it I knew it had to be mine and we would forever be bff's!!!

It's $28 and you can scoop it up at Sephora. It was designed for the champagne splits. It is shaped like any good angled blush brush but it feels so luxurious.

I also got the face palette and I mean I was at the door of Sephora when they opened on launch day (June 16th) to grab it...! It comes with three blushes and two highlighters. It was $52 and is a sephora exclusive. Can we just talk for a minute at how amazingly beautiful this packaging is, I mean seriously white and gold guys!!! luxury is really the only suitable word here, everything about it screams luxury! 

The amazing champagne pop (perfect champagne) and the new enchanting prosecco pop (royal gold) are of course the highlighters. 

The blushes are 
rose spritz, which is a warm pink with a lot of frost 

amaretto, which is a medium rosy brown color with just an ever so slight specks of shimmer

pamplemousse, which is a bright medium pink, the color payoff is incredible with this one a little goes a very long way and its super bendable.
Everything in this palette is super pigmented and I feel a little on the warmer side.


Then I got two of the splits. I grabbed the hyacinth/champange and the pamplemousse/prosecco. If I didn't state it before pamplemousse was my favorite blush. I honestly thought when I bought this though there were only three and amaretto wasn't my favorite so I didn't think I needed another. I still might grab the flower child before it's over just because I don't have it from the palette and it's LE. These are $38 and they are a Sephora exclusive.

Champange Pop / Hyacinth 
It has your perfect champagne highlighter and then a very bright dark hot pink blush

Prosecco Pop / Pamplemousse 
It has your true gold highlighter and then a bright medium pink blush

Overall I can't get enough of the Becca products they just scream hi-end from packaging to pigmentation. They always leave me wanting more.

Do you have any of this collection yet? Were you lucky enough to score an eyeshadow palette?

Later lovies,