Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dose of colors matte liquid lipstick

Hey everyone!! How's your week going?!? Busy busy for me... 
So, I wanted to do this review for you because I am going to go on kind of a liquid lipstick expose!

I have heard really good things about dose of colors and like most other Internet based companies it's super hard to find good swatches of the color you want. Sure the companies really true to give you what it looks like on lips but to be honest that's really no help because we all have different natural pigmentation in our lips. For example my sister and I are very similar (even skin color) but lipsticks look totally different on us...

Anyway I just went way off topic we are here to review the dose of colors liquid matte lippies. I bought both the colors stone & berry me. (they were having a labor day sale so I scooped up two)

Stone is totally one of those colors that I gravitate to naturally. Again though trying to distinguish this via instagram or google images was hard. Overall I'm super happy with me choice. It's a beautiful rosey nude color. 

Here I am wearing it (without lip liner) #don'tjudge

So totally a color that I am guaranteed to have at least 2-3 of in my makeup bag at all times, all while having about 37 others between my kit and my vanity!!! #sorrynotsorry

Then there's berry me also in my color wheel but not something I always grab for. I have to be in the mood and that mood usually hit around fall time.

Berry me is a perfect berry color, it's a plum color but on the brighter side. I do love a good berry lip for fall. Break out the pumpkin spice now!!! 

Here I am wearing berry me..

Honestly this picture doesn't do the color justice at all. It looks way more reddish then berry in the pic but it's that fabulous plum berry you've been searching for!!

Here is a picture of both without flash
 Berry Me on the left and Stone on the right.

Here's one with flash

It's worth mentioning that there are vegan, gluten & cruelty free.

Let's talk about texture because that's what you really want to know right?! If your lips are going to feel as though they are stiff and going to crack off or if they will feel like you are putting on a cream base...?
Well to answer, it really glides on pretty smooth. It's not runny, it didn't bleed as you can see with my lip liner free pics. It does take a while to dry completely, so not like all mattes on the market in that respect. I found that one swipe gave me full opacity.
The staying power is pretty great. It lasted for a full 7 hours on me and I had to scrub to completely get berry me off after only a few hours.
As far as price goes these are usually $18 which is pretty normal for a liquid matte, grabbing it with the labor day 20% off made the price so much sweeter.

What do you think? Have you tried dose of colors before? What is your favorite brand for liquid matte lippies? Don't forget to follow and leave me some love!!!


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