Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jaclyn Hill x Becca champagne collection

Hello loves! I was so super stoked for this whole collection but I think the thing I was most looking forward to was the eyeshadow that I failed to secure!!! 

Oh well I know becca & jhill both want an amazing product and I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Here's what I did pick up from the collection though!!!

Ok so first the brush I know I don't need another but it was a LE and that gets.me.every.time! For real though it's totes amazing! I was back and forth on ordering it but when I went into Sephora and actually felt it I knew it had to be mine and we would forever be bff's!!!

It's $28 and you can scoop it up at Sephora. It was designed for the champagne splits. It is shaped like any good angled blush brush but it feels so luxurious.

I also got the face palette and I mean I was at the door of Sephora when they opened on launch day (June 16th) to grab it...! It comes with three blushes and two highlighters. It was $52 and is a sephora exclusive. Can we just talk for a minute at how amazingly beautiful this packaging is, I mean seriously white and gold guys!!! luxury is really the only suitable word here, everything about it screams luxury! 

The amazing champagne pop (perfect champagne) and the new enchanting prosecco pop (royal gold) are of course the highlighters. 

The blushes are 
rose spritz, which is a warm pink with a lot of frost 

amaretto, which is a medium rosy brown color with just an ever so slight specks of shimmer

pamplemousse, which is a bright medium pink, the color payoff is incredible with this one a little goes a very long way and its super bendable.
Everything in this palette is super pigmented and I feel a little on the warmer side.


Then I got two of the splits. I grabbed the hyacinth/champange and the pamplemousse/prosecco. If I didn't state it before pamplemousse was my favorite blush. I honestly thought when I bought this though there were only three and amaretto wasn't my favorite so I didn't think I needed another. I still might grab the flower child before it's over just because I don't have it from the palette and it's LE. These are $38 and they are a Sephora exclusive.

Champange Pop / Hyacinth 
It has your perfect champagne highlighter and then a very bright dark hot pink blush

Prosecco Pop / Pamplemousse 
It has your true gold highlighter and then a bright medium pink blush

Overall I can't get enough of the Becca products they just scream hi-end from packaging to pigmentation. They always leave me wanting more.

Do you have any of this collection yet? Were you lucky enough to score an eyeshadow palette?

Later lovies,

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