Friday, October 7, 2016

Urban Decay naked ultimate basics

So I'm super excited about this palette!! It's an all matte palette and the packaging! O the packaging, seriously UD outdid themselves with this one!! Even if I didn't like the shadows I think I'd have to deem this a must for packaging alone! I know, I have issues  a problem....

This is apart of their 2016 holiday collection (I know it's crazy were already talking holiday's)  HAPPY HALLOTHANKSMAS!!!! 

Back to the packaging.... It's a rose gold compact with a sun burst design that has the Urban Decay logo. Inside there's a very huge mirror & a double-ended brush THROW THAT AWAY IMMEDIATELY  kidding, kinda...! I don't love it though! One side of the brush is a soft, densely packed eyeshadow brush I'm guessing they threw that in there for blending???!!!! The other side is a shorter bristled almost eyeliner brush, it can also be used to smoke out shadow on your lower or upper lash line. Just for sanity's sake get yourself MAC's 217 brush!!! The palette is a tad bit smaller than your average CD case. It holds a total of 12 eyeshadows that are 0.04 oz each.

The thing I love about the shades they picked is they aren't just "this seasons" shades. Think abh Modern Renaissance and carli bybel's bh palette.... Now those are both beautiful palettes but they are very 2016 and just to warm for me. These colors could go either way, there are a few I thought would be way to warm and they worked... You can use these for work, just a quick running around town look, use this for a girls night! You can really smoke this up with some eyeliner & a few coats of mascara!!!

I have seen a lot of people say that if you already have a ton of matte palettes you probably don't need this one. Well I actually don't have a ton of matte only palette's, in fact I only have the naked basics 2 palette. Now of course I have the lorac palette that are a mix of matte's and shimmers but as far as matte only this is only my second palette. So id my husband asks.... I really did need this one!!!! 

Even though this is a 2016 holiday piece, it will now be part of Urban Decay's permanent collection. The cost of this palette is $55.00!! Great Christmas wish list idea!!!!

All of these shades are up to par with UD's buttery soft formula and the color payoff is amaz!!! I actually was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented they were, in the pan they look a lot lighter. The staying power is also right on with what you would expect from UD. The reason this is worth mentioning is because some of the holiday palettes these companies bring out aren't the same formula's that they use all the time. It's like they're mass produced to get them out and the quality is lacking, that's not the case with this palette. 

Here are the shades
    • Blow — a light nude demi-matte (this one does have just a tiny bit of shimmer thats great for a highlight) 
    • Nudie — a soft pinkish nude matte
    • Commando — a light taupe-brown matte
    • Tempted — a pale brown matte
    • Instinct — a medium pink-taupe matte
    • Lethal — a reddish brown matte
    • Pre-Game — a pale yellow matte
    • Extra Bitter — a burnt orange matte
    • Faith — a medium warm brown matte
    • Lockout — a rich neutral brown matte
    • Magnet — a smoky gray matte
    • Blackjack — a warm black matte

I really really like this palette I've worn it for the past week straight, I gotta say, it's starting to feel like love!!!!!

What do you think? Is this something you will be scooping up? What are your favorite matte palettes? Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything!!! 


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