My life CHANGING skin care routine

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hey guys, so this is a super exciting post for me because these products have most defiantly changed my life. Ok, so if you've been here a while you already know I'm super oily ( by oily I mean essential oils). If you're new here, stick around you'll see just how oily I am... Acne has never really been a problem for my I mean I would get the occasional hormonal chin breakout but that was about as far as it went, other then when I was pregnant with my first daughter, that ish was crazy! Fast forward to me turning 30, it's like world war 3 broke out on my face.... Seriously, everyday I'd wake up and it was like I'd easily have 1-2 new breakouts, I should also mention that I have PCOS so this crap would be cystic. Like hello we gave you a break having a pretty blemish free teenage years face now we're gonna getcha!!!

 When I got my young living starter kit little did I know I was entering this village of amazing people, I am a part of the Happy Oilers. #proudho It's the greatest group of people who genuinely care about you and we all share these amazing oily things that are working for us. Long story short I was in one of our groups about two months back and this wonder woman posts a picture of Young Living's Orange Blossom Face Wash and ART Skin Toner and is beaming about wearing no face makeup. She goes on to tell us how she has never had skin this great & how she get cystic acne and oh yeah, she has PCOS... I mean I'll try anything at this point and I also feel like I pretty much have tried any & everything. I mean I don't think Sephora stocks something that I haven't tried! So what the heck I'll add it to my monthly box of awesome I get from YL right?!?!

I give this a try guys, really and truly I'm so amazed! I mean this has rocked my world almost like progessance plus did! #crazytalkright I'm here to tell you in the month I have used it, I mean I'm not  going to say I haven't had any new breakouts at all but I would say it's less the 1/4 of what I was getting before, much less and they also seem to heal so much faster! I can't get enough of this stuff and I will NEVER RUN OUT!!!!!! #BESTTHINGSINCESLICEDBREAD All joking aside though, if you have problem skin you need to give this a try. My member # is 2573746 if you want to order some, or if you want to grab your kit and be on your way to the oily life you can do that HERE.

So what I do is wash my face with the orange blossom once sometimes twice per day (usually only twice if i wear makeup) I love pairing it with my clarisonic then I follow that up with the ART toner. I have found that a very little goes a long way with both of these. I usually only use the toner once per day and if I do run it a second time it's only on the problem areas like my chin and jawline.

Now there's just one last thing I added to this mix... It's the young living satin mint facial scrub, I love this because of said acne...! I mean we all need a good face polish right?!?! I like to exfoliate those dull and dark spots!!! The smell and feel of this stuff is great, it's not super rough on your skin but you wouldn't even realize that if you did a before and after of your pores!! Seriously guys this stuff is next level...

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email I would be happy to help.



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