My lularoe experience... Is it worth the hype?!?! Giveaway!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hey everyone!! Hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!! I went home to Maryland to be with family and got to experience some cool weather so yay for me..... You know what else was great about this experience? I got to wear some of my lularoe items!!! 
I have collaborated with this amazing lula consultant Christina Purtee and have been sent for review a Sarah, a maxi, a carly & a joy.... I want to start off by saying I was not expecting a whole lot but now, now I totally see why women go crazy for this stuff... I mean I have totally jumped aboard the lularoe crazy train.... choo, choo!!! 

Any so lets talk about the Sarah... I love her! I don't know what it is about her but I feel amazing in it. It's a long cardigan and it makes me reminiscent of high school when sweater coats were cool. I lived in them maybe thats why I love this so much. I do find that they are cut kind of big, at least the one I have. It literally  goes with everything. Here I am wearing it with my lula lipstick leggings.

Next up the maxi, this was a total surprise I didn't know she was sending it. I was so excited because I wear a maxi just about every Sunday to church and so I always love to find new prints and obviously lularoe has a gazillion. I paired it with a jean jacket and a black shirt. I love that you can dress this up or down.

Next is the Carly and joy. I wear them together, seriously guys the Carly is amaze!!! I really expected to not like the Carly and it totally proved me wrong. I guess that's what I get for having preconceived notions this baby is super comfortable. The joy is great too, what I love about it is that it seems to just help hide those parts of ourselves that we don't want pronounced, (clears throat) love handles!!! 

Anyway if you are on the fence about trying this stuff like me I say GO.FOR.IT!!! How do you feel about a $25 lulacash giveaway!?!?!

(winner will be announced on Saturday at 7:00)  

We thought you might like that?!?! Ok so to enter all you have to do is join Christina's vip page Here & like my Facebook page here.
You will also get a bonus entry for filling me on instagram @onceuponamanda or you could just click the link!!!

You will literally not find a nicer more encouraging person or consultant then Christina so be sure to check her out and give her some love...   Thanks for reading and hoping you're having a great holiday season!!!



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