Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 here we come!

Wow!! It's been forever.... Like two years, I'm probably talking to myself forever!!!! I mean I'm a mom so I'm pretty much used to talking to myself anyway..... LOL!

So life has been CRA-ZEEE the past few years! I mean everyone has their own things going on lets just say I'm glad it's a new year and I'm committed to making 2019 my best year yet!

I remember starting this blog simply because I liked makeup and because my son was starting kindergarten and I wanted something to distract me from sending my first baby to school...

Now this coming year my third baby is about to start school and I'm like here you go take all my kids... hahaha!!! Just kidding but stay at home moms you know what I'm saying!!

I love my kids more then anything but it's defiantly easy to get sucked into this thought sucking vortex of I'm just a mom....

FIRST OF ALL..... No you are not just a mom, we need to stop looking at ourselves as not enough because we stay home with our kids.... Now this is not at all to discredit working moms, I've done both and I can honestly say that sometimes being a stay at home mom can be a lonely place sometimes... Just like being a working mom can come with (at least it did for me) immense guilt for feeling like you are missing out on your kids lives.

So I'm going through a re-branding of sorts... I want to pick this blog up and build a community of moms and women in general that can lift each other up, support each other when the days look and feel dark...
That can support each other through the mom guilt of both having to work and wishing we had to work!

So this is me, talking from my little corner of the Internet... If you are still interested in following I will be posting about

-Aging Backwards
-Building our empire
-Bossing Up
-Building a House
-Chalk Painting

That should pretty much cover it... I hope you guys stick around.... 
Until next time,

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