Wednesday, March 27, 2019

March Favorites

Oh wow guys!! This year is 1/4 of the way done... Seriously!!! Seriously!!! March has been a blast I had an oil retreat which was amazing!!! Incredible I went to destin beach!!! AHHH anyway here we go on to the favs of March!!!

First up this jean jacket from old navy! To me it just screams beach in spring so here we are!! you can grab yours here

Next up this facial scrub from young living, listen guys I know I sell young living but I'd seriously use it even if I didn't!! This is called the satin mint facial scrub and it is incredible!!! If you want to try some of this goodness let me know,  I got the hookup!

Ok so speaking of old navy I got these tie front shirts and I know it's black and not very springish but black is my color summer, fall, winter or spring so #dealwithit  I didn't take a picture with me in it so this pic is straight from the old navy site and then one with how I'd style it paired with my super cutie tenneys from Maurices and my Kendra Scott goodness and of course AE because they have the best jeans!! You can grab it here! Bonus it's on sale right now!!

Next up, ok so you know I love oils and so the idea of a rollerball necklace was super exciting for me!! I found this girl on insta her name on there is rutilated rounds, her story is amazing and all of the jewelry that she sells is helping her fund her ivf! She's super sweet and this is her etsy  give her a follow. The craftsmanship is unreal! Also you can totes make the chain longer I made it short for picture sake!!!

Lastly for my #ketofam I thought I'd share my favorite #keto chocolate. I love the lilly's milk chocolate salted almond!!! It's so very yummy!! I get mine at publix grocery store but I have seen them at the health food store and a few other grocery stores too!!

That's a wrap on March loves!!! Let me know what were some of your favorite things in March???


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Leadership in MLM's, Network marketing, or any other home based business!!!

Ohhh today will be fun, we are going to do a little chat about network marketing... I know, I know,if you've never done one; or more importantly you've never done the right one you think they are the worst idea ever right?

I mean scam or pyramid scheme right?!?! Nope, would you be surprised to know that I've been in one of those mlm's for over three years now? Guess what it's not? a scam! Guess what it is? work!

I really believe that's why people think they are schemes, usually their friends friend got in at the "right time" and then in 6 months they were bringing in 10k per month and now they vacation all they time and buy all the things... They make it seem so easy right? So when you jump in with both feet and two weeks pass and you aren't any richer yet you're like wth....! This is crap and probably a scam too, I should jump over here to what my best friends sister is doing she's on "the ground floor" ill have better luck there... I like to call these people serial mlmers, don't be them, seriously... You have to work for these things to work!

Oh wow I got seriously off track, whoops are you still there? Anyway we can discuss mlm's later we were supposed to be talking leadership....

Ok, let's talk about leadership...! If you have sold even one kit you are a leader. If you've sold one wrap, one mascara, one bracelet, one weight loss pill, one pan,  ready or not you are a leader. You are building your team.
You friend, you have something to offer your team. There is only one of you and finding your voice is so very important... These people chose to sign up with you, to buy from you.. 
So what is leadership? It's an action right? The action of leading a group or individual... Is it hard? Yes!!! Is it worth it? YES! Will you have to work? Yes! 

We are going to face all kinds of trials and conflicts but it's how we handle them that sets us apart as leaders... I came across this quote a while ago and its actually my screen saver

"Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." 

Let that sink in.... I am negative by nature, it's easier right? It's easier to complain then to fix, but that's not what leaders do. Not only that but when I'm negative it hurts me, it hurts my business, it hurts my health.... It lowers my frequency level by 10.... I don't have time for that guys and neither do you... 
What if we choose to take action and be positive How much different would our lives look? How much different would our business look? How much different would our relationships look? 

Be a leader, chose to work today, chose to grow your business  and make a difference in your life. You are the only one that can make you do it!