Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Favorites

Hey loves!! Hope everyone had a good Easter, spring break and all that jazz!!! Who all went to see Avengers?? Did you love it??? I haven't seen it yet so no spoilers!

Anyway let's do an April favorites post!!

So I'm still obsessing over all things peach which is super killing my keto life!!! I'm not even joking guys peach lemonade... Do yourself a fav and don't even try it, if you do though omg try the one from Wendy's!!! It's legit soooo delish!!!

Ok so then, there's this little shop that makes my absolute favorite oily bags... If you follow me on insta you may have heard me talk about them a lot... #obsessed  This one quite literally screams summer and beach and poolside parties to me and I'm here for it!!!

Ok so obvi, game of thrones came back this month and guys... I'm obsessed, truly I am!! If you haven't started this show yet do yourself a favor.... Ugh it's so so good and leave me some love below and let me know if you're a fan too!!

Lastly I'm super loving kimonos,  I've kinda stayed away from them in the past because I'm like do they really look good on a curvy figure....? The answer is yes! Also the answer is stop hating your figure and start loving it for all the great things it's done for you. This is a tough one for me and I struggle with it a lot but I am trying... Any I got this super cute Kimono from torrid for Easter and I think I'm in love!!!

Also I actually have an amazon store front now of a lot of my loves!! Check it out here it is an affiliate link so it helps support this blog!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Negative Self Talk

I know you've heard this before if you have ever listened to a self love podcast or even read a self help book... STOP THE NEGATIVE SELF TALK... Why do we talk about or to ourselves in a way that we wouldn't even think about talking to others...

Our words become our thoughts, our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our actions..... We've all heard it, tale as old as time right? #realtalk As many times as I've heard it though, it's almost like I don't know how to stop...
I know your probably thinking hello!!! You are supposed to be telling us how to stop this, not that you do it too... Yes, that's true but for the sake of transparency I'm going to tell you, EVERYONE struggles with this! The best thing we can do it take it day by day. We need to retrain our brains. It can be done, I know it can be done!! I know that while I still struggle I have come a looonnngggg way!

Guys do you realize, if we can master this, I mean how much easier would it be to lift others up if we already felt worthy.... And you are worthy, you truly are! I look at my daughter, she's five and genuinely believes she can do anything; and she can! The thing is, the negative self doubt hasn't hit her yet... I pray it never does, I pray I can teach her through example to love herself, to teach her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Even now as I write this in the back of my head I'm like will anyone ever even want to read this, WHY? The truth is, even if nobody ever reads this blog again, it's therapeutic! It helps me and you know what? I have value to add to this little corner of the web, I'm worthy! You are worthy too, the only one holding you or me back from our dreams is ourselves. I for one find it super easy to get stuck in my comfort zone. Case in point, this blog... I stopped blogging for almost two years, why? Simply put, I knew I needed to go in a different direction but I wasn't comfortable sharing my heart with you guys for fear of rejection or failure...

So what are some things we can do? Well for me anyway I have to read, self help books, leadership books, girl boss books, whatever it may be I HAVE to read. What else? Positive affirmations, I know that sounds crazy but remember....
Our words become our thoughts, our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our actions.....
I like to roll on some Valor Essential Oil  (because that's my fave) and say things like...

I am worthy
I am unique
I have a lot to offer
I am a great mother
I am an amazing wife
I am an amazing  I do ok at keeping the house clean!
I can succeed
I will succeed
I will leave my comfort zone behind
I am loved
I am a truth seeker

My affirmations may look different then yours but you need to make some. Start your day with them, end your night with them. Another thing I do to get in a good head space is pray and read my Bible, I also have a prayer journal. That my friends can fix a whole lot of our problems....

That's all I have for you guys today. I'm stepping down off my soap box now I just felt like this was something I should share... Let me know if any of this helped or what you guys do to help with the negative self talk!!!