Tuesday, April 30, 2019

April Favorites

Hey loves!! Hope everyone had a good Easter, spring break and all that jazz!!! Who all went to see Avengers?? Did you love it??? I haven't seen it yet so no spoilers!

Anyway let's do an April favorites post!!

So I'm still obsessing over all things peach which is super killing my keto life!!! I'm not even joking guys peach lemonade... Do yourself a fav and don't even try it, if you do though omg try the one from Wendy's!!! It's legit soooo delish!!!

Ok so then, there's this little shop that makes my absolute favorite oily bags... If you follow me on insta you may have heard me talk about them a lot... #obsessed  This one quite literally screams summer and beach and poolside parties to me and I'm here for it!!!

Ok so obvi, game of thrones came back this month and guys... I'm obsessed, truly I am!! If you haven't started this show yet do yourself a favor.... Ugh it's so so good and leave me some love below and let me know if you're a fan too!!

Lastly I'm super loving kimonos,  I've kinda stayed away from them in the past because I'm like do they really look good on a curvy figure....? The answer is yes! Also the answer is stop hating your figure and start loving it for all the great things it's done for you. This is a tough one for me and I struggle with it a lot but I am trying... Any I got this super cute Kimono from torrid for Easter and I think I'm in love!!!

Also I actually have an amazon store front now of a lot of my loves!! Check it out here it is an affiliate link so it helps support this blog!!


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