I have a number of great packages available for brides and wedding parties. Due to the many variations and specific needs each wedding has, it is not practical to list all of my rates online. I AM not the cheapest but I am certainly not the most expensive. My prices are within industry standards and are an exceptional value for the experience and talent you get.

Keep in mind that a lot of very meticulous work is required to provide on-location beauty and a big part of my cost is preparation, setup, travel, breakdown, and sanitation/cleaning. With this in mind, the larger your bridal party the better your overall value will be since I offer great discounts for the bride based on the size of the party. Additionally, add-on services like lashes can add to the overall cost. If just the bride is getting service then the price is going to be a higher average per person than if 5 people are getting beauty services. To help you get started with your budget here are some average ranges of a typical wedding:
  • Trials are between $35-$45
  • A small bridal party of 3-5 people average cost is between $150-$350 for both hair and makeup
  • Bride Only Makeup – $75 to $125

Other Special Events 
I can handle any & all of your event needs call my directly for pricing

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